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2003-2004 NCABA & WDCAWBA Final Averages
Walt Steinsiek's Cartoon of the Week

Vreatt wins 600 Club Winter Singles Tournament

PBA Tour standard format adjusted
for second half of 2004-05 season

Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times):
Weber, Kulick keep the fun rolling

Todd Venezia (New York Post):
Pin-head Arafat's terror '$Trike'

Holiday eBay auction raises over $28,000
to benefit Anthony Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tim Trower (Mail Tribune):
PBA owner provided window of opportunity

Tim Trower (Mail Tribune):
Reason to cry ‘Wolfe!’

Finland’s Virtanen, USA’s Pluhowsky
win 40th AMF Bowling World Cup

Walter Ray Williams Jr. elected to ABC Hall of Fame

Minnesotan fires seventh ABC-approved 900 series

Jason Hurd selected Kegel Bowler of the Month

November 2004 Photo Gallery

Ashley becomes 5th VP;
Coleman advances to 4th

Site selected for 600-700 Scratch Doubles Tourney

ABC Hall of Famer Tommy Tuttle dead at 75

League officer advisory
on new banking requirements

NCABA 2003-2004 Unofficial Ranking

Invitational schedule set;
changes announced

Matt Herb (St. Louis Post-Dispatch):
Lawrence gets his second win on PBA Tour

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Time to vote for the best bowler ever

Co-champions at 600 Club Doubles Tournament

BWAA selects October's best bowler

September 2004 Photo Gallery

First female to bowl in PBA Tour event

Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times):
Pin another victory
at Hawthorn on Himmler

Milt Northrup (Buffalo News):
Recckio's appeals to Jurek,
but Ohio could be his battleground

Rajes Paul (The Star Online):
Welcome news for bowler Daniel
in World Cup

President Bill Grover:
Not you again!

Executive Director Ray Brothers:
Good things

Richard Kolb:
All-sports fan longs for televised bowling

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
PBA flirts with arena spectacles

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
High-tech telecasts aim to entertain PBA fans

Callaway, Chapman, Gaines, Graves,
and Jozwiak enter Hall of Fame

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Strikes will replace fly balls

Cindy Hodgson (Herald Times):
Bowling bonds buddies

Rajes Paul (The Star Online):
Zandra gets lucky break
in World Tenpin Team Cup squad

Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette):
Bowling gets high marks
from high schools

Merrill wins 600 Club Fall Singles Tournament

ABC's Dalkin named chief executive officer of USBC

Gary D'Amato (JSOnline):
Masters tension building

Bowling goes upscale with Neiman Marcus offering

Darcel Rockett (Daily Southtown):
Rolling back the clock

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Honor scores up in GDBA for 2003-04

Dick Denny (
Love of sport
outweighs age, poor eyesight

NCABA/WDCAWBA Senior Tournament entry form
(PDF file / Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Afghanistan to send bowler
to 2004 AMF World Cup

Jim Krupka (The Morning Call):
Bowling has a lot going for it

Chuck Woodling (Lawrence Journal-World):
Lawrence's Glass bails on Senior Tour

Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette):
Sixth perfect series gets ABC approval

ABC approves 900 series
by Pennsylvania’s Jeff Campbell II

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Daniels' latest honor
adds to her collection

Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette):
Local bowling associations at crossroads

600-700: Bell-Glover

Collegiate players take top spots
in LCT Storm Luci Bonneau
Memorial Mixed Doubles

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Bowling ambassador Dan Ottman dies at 47

Macpherson and Levens win
inaugural LCT National Championship

Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette):
Getting 900 verified isn't easy as ABC

Four champions crowned
at Pepsi® Youth Bowling Championships

Dick Denny (
Carroll puts together
1st USBC leadership team

Junior Team USA's Nation repeats,
Herrbach claims first title
at 2004 USA Junior Gold Bowling National Championships

Walt Steinsiek:
Mini-Eliminator notebook

Dyar, 69, wins Mini Eliminator Grand Championship
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 11)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Daniels ready to bowl with guys
in region

WIBC acquires rights and assets of PWBA

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 9)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 8)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 7)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 6)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 5)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini Eliminator Today (July 4)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

United States Bowling Congress board approves corporation;
sets future direction at historic organizational meeting

2004 American Bowling Congress
Rules Seminar Quiz
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

April/May Photo Gallery

John Jowdy:
U.S. Open:
Only quality players need apply

Don Wright:
30-year love affair ends

Mini Eliminator returns 100 percent of entry fees

Dick Denny (
Proprietors to honor
Fisher's dedication to sport

Holly McClure Ambrose (
Bowlers having a ball

Mike Borgia (South Bend Tribune):
New bowling center hopes
to wow customers with innovations

Paul Danzer (
Local bowler part of rare 600 game

Glenn Brownstein (Courier-Journal):
New Albany's Wolfe qualifies for PBA Tour

Dick Denny (
Wiseman wowed by Indy 500 visit

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Women aim to succeed in the PBA

(New York Times):
Art Brooks, 84, broke bowling's color barrier

Terry Jacoby (Detroit Free Press):
Having a ball in league of their own

Milt Northrup (Buffalo News):
Midwest a hotbed for kegling

(The Star Online):
Bowling is in the blood
for Sabah manager Zain and family

Milt Northrop (Buffalo News):
Marathon run lands Johnson in Queens final

Keith McMillan (Potomac News):
Pappas finally finds his winning touch

Four NCABA members reach match play
at Bowl America Manassas

Matt Hourihan (Potomac News):
Bowlers come to Manassas

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Ozio gets victory he wanted

Darrin Hill (Detroit News Online):
Tour rookie Ozio wins Senior Open

PBA Senior Tour to visit Bowl America Manassas

YABA board voices concern
over best interests of youth

USBC Plan of Merger approved

WIBC delegation approves 10 amendments, two resolutions

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Glass overtakes Ozio
for Senior Open lead

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Byrd happy to make U.S. Open cut

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Weber's star brightest of PBA seniors

Bowling industry leader, Hall of Famer Jack Reichert
dies at age 73

Darrin Hill (Detroit News):
Sunnybrook gets ready for Senior U.S. Open

Dick Denny (
84-year-old reaches goals in league play

Chuck Woodling (Lawrence Journal-World):
Revamped Glass again climbing
Senior PBA Tour ranks

Field set for
2004 Collegiate Singles Championship

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
40,000 bowlers to roll into area

2004 ABC Convention Legislative Session results

Jim Goodwin:
The CBA is long overdue

Don Wright:
Goodbye to "Chief"

Richard Kolb:
Splitsville rescues Adlers
from PWBA woes

Senior Tournament highlights

"Between Frames" solution

Bowling Newsline:
Historic merger decision upcoming

Maryland duo moves into seventh
in Classified Doubles at ABC Tournament

Patricia Wolff (Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers):
Motorists brake for bowling ball rosary

Milt Northrup (Buffalo News):
ABC knows the half of it:
Sinclair still rolling

Dick Denny (
YABA official visits before 2005 events

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Aleo helps Nebraska win NCAAs

Milt Northrup (Buffalo News):
Cheektowaga's Liz Johnson mulls move
to PBA events

Ron Kantowski (Las Vegas Sun):
Dollars for bowling
as women receive PBA nod

Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette):
Consider taking the challenge of Sport Bowling

Phil Versace (Poughkeepsie Journal):
National merger idea is gaining more momentum

NCABA member records perfect game
at ABC Tournament

AMF introduces World Cup site

PBA opens membership to women

Dick Denny (
State champions face busy summer

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
EMU was perfect host for PBA

Photo Gallery — February/March 2004

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):
Baker bowls over competition

Jim O'Donnell (Chicago Sun-Times):
Fast lane at last

Reno notebook (3/18)

Reno notebook (3/17)

Invitational finalist mini-bios

2003-04 United States Bowling Congress
Plan of Merger proposal

2004 ABC proposed amendment summaries
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

Debrew-Hall duo wins
600-700 Scratch Doubles Tournament

Jeff Rabjohns (
Jaros remains on a roll
with 3rd title this season

Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette):
Weber might fall to 2nd in country

Chris Betros (Japan Today):
Bowling them over

Jeff Rabjohns (
PBA Tour's imports
add a foreign spin

Bill Grover elected 2004-05 president;
delegates support USBC proposal

Jim Goodwin:
Passing the torch

Heating bowling balls is half-baked

Photo Gallery

John Jowdy:
Opportunities and challenges
for Steve Sanders

Norman Chad:
Unlike most pro athletes,
bowlers live in real world

Rod Mar (Sports
Oh Spare Me:
Covering the Pro Bowling Tour

Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results
A Division / Final Round

Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results
B Division / Final Round

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 9)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 8)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 7)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

Ed Koch (Las Vegas Sun):
Showboat-turned-Castaways has storied LV history

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 6)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 5)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 4)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 3)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

The Mini-Eliminator Today (Feb. 2)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)

Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results -- A Division / Round 3
Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results -- B Division / Round 3
Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results -- A Division / Round 2
Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results -- B Division / Round 2
Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results -- A Division / Round 1
Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational results -- B Division / Round 1
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): It’s Whew! for Weber
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): Waliczek won’t let standing pin knock him down
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): PBA star Angelo isn’t typecast by TV blooper
WIBC's board support for Single Membership unwavering, responds to activity in industry with proposed amendments
Lim Teik Huat (The Star): Bowlers’ places in national team now based on current form
Steve Kelly (Seattle Times): Freeze-frame: Waliczek misses mark in Classic
John McGrath (News Tribune): Bowling gods don't spare Waliczek from painful loss
Hall of Famer Chief Wapensky dies
Don Ruiz (News Tribune): Seattle setting for final fits new PBA vision
Five still rolling at Earl Anthony Classic
Don Ruiz (News Tribune): Williams Jr. no longer in Earl Anthony's shadow
J.R. Rardon (Seattle Times): Local bowlers were not spared by snow storm
Hall of Famer Luther Jr. brought local bowling to "outer areas"
Vir-Mar District YABA 600 Club
Winter Doubles Tournament entry form
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Lim Teik Huat (The Star Online): Three Malaysian women bowlers qualify for World Ranking Masters
Hoosier's 52-hour bowlathon breaks Guinness world record
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): No peeking at results for Dorin-Ballard
Super Bowl Mini wide open for new stars
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bowl season starts early for gridders
2004 AMF Bowling World Cup set for December 4-11 in Singapore
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Target date is Dec. 25 for Couch, Dorin-Ballard
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Healey earns first bowling major
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Pedersen heads to Pro Bowlers finals
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Koivuniemi's T of C dream put on hold
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Mohegan Sun Arena right spot for PBA high rollers
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Tuesday rolls around for Beat The Champs
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Ann Arbor's Koivuniemi earns title
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Dorin-Ballard to make bit of Champs history
Milt Northrup (Buffalo News): State denies unemployment benefits to prize-winning bowler
Invitational schedule set
Shirley to host Youth Scratch Shoot-Out
President Ronald McGregor: Holiday greetings
Executive Director Ray Brothers: NCABA & WDCAWBA offices likely to move
Dineen tops Chamberlain for first regional title at U.S. Bowling
Kegel’s Million Tournament: Five-player teams built bowling
Unofficial NCABA 2002-2003 Ranking

Dick Denny (Indianpolis Star): Bowling standouts find romance in the lanes
2003-04 United States Bowling Congress Plan of Merger Proposal
Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette): Wunderlich’s goal? Sell Sport
NBC's "Ed" on the move
Brunswick Senior World Open Today (Nov. 21)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Brunswick Senior World Open Today (Nov. 20)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Brunswick Senior World Open Today (Nov. 19)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Brunswick Senior World Open Today (Nov. 18)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Brunswick Senior World Open Today (Nov. 17)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Rookie error gives title to Jaros
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Jaros schools rookie to win Toledo Open
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Moore's tourney run ends against Weber
Phil Versace (Poughkeepsie Journal): Resist need for speed
2nd annual Brunswick Senior World Open rolls November 15-20; walk-ins welcome
ABC, WIBC boards of directors approve revised plan to create United States Bowling Congress
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Toledo return tickles Forkel
Anthony Chapman team wins National Mixed Championships scratch title
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Garfield's Mack joins the PBA tour
Memorial established for NCABA Hall of Famer Syl Sobanski
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Hawthorn Lanes becomes victory lane for Himmler
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Thanks a hundred
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Healthy Wiseman back to defend title
Virginia team pulls off upset to win Mechanicsburg World Team Challenge
President Ronald McGregor: Vets appreciate bowlers’ BVL support

Executive Director Ray Brothers: Special provisions must be followed to change league rules
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): Aulby's career reaches end

Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Long journey to finals
Jim Goodwin: PWBA Regional Report
WIBC extends dates of 2004 Championship Tournament
Phil Versace (Poughkeepsie Journal): Quick checklist can keep your game rolling along
Pete Dougherty (Times Union): So far, bowlers rolling with smoking ban
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): New PWBA owner looks to the future
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Millions finding sport is right up their alley
Milt Northrup (Buffalo News): Baker has good news: He could earn a lot with Geico
WIBC announces city options
for 2008 Championship Tournament, Annual Meeting; Fiebig, Rowe elected to WIBC Hall of Fame

ABC renews agreement to conduct tournament at Reno’s National Bowling Stadium
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): U.S. stars wow the world with 9 medals
Canadian, Filipino bowlers win 2003 AMF World Cup
Milt Northrup (Buffalo News):
Angelo widens his horizons with two-week stay in Japan

Mike Belt (Las Vegas Journal-World):
Local bowling champion to strike out on pro circuit

Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Couture latest addition to Hall of Fame ballot
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): No worries about fewer members
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): Local man wins unusual tournament
Chandra Harris (Scripps Howard News Service): Homeowner is bowled over by wood contribution
Photo Gallery — August/September 2003
NCABA Championship Tournament
Official Prize List

(PDF file / Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
NCABA.ORG Guys & Dolls Mixed Tournament
Official Prize List

PBA Senior Manassas Open Pro-Am
and Over/Under results

(PDF file / Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): PSL schools lack money for bowling
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Promoter is taking on his biggest challenge
Troubled PWBA changes ownership
Kelly Fox wins WASA title in New Jersey
(PDF ad / Adobe Acrobat Reader required) Steinsiek adds two columns to bowling duties
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): Plans for PBA event excite manager
Milt Northrop (Buffalo News): Unscheduled women's tour hiatus proving costly to Johnson
National Bowling Forum & Bowling Incorporated boards seeking director-at-large for 2004-05
Free Treasure Software for league secretaries offered to sanctioned Sport Bowling leagues
Jim Goodwin:
There could be several Annikas on the PWBA Tour
PWBA members deserve a better fate
John Jowdy:
Walter Ray Williams Jr.: A great athlete, a winner
Bowl America Star of the Year Grand Finals prize list
Rich Carrubba: My friend Don Johnson
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Snow among 4 named to Hall of Fame
Lim Teik Huat (The Star Online): Night sessions to get bowlers in the right mood
President Ronald McGregor:
The new season has arrived

Executive Director Ray Brothers:
Don’t let league problems fester;
fix them now!

Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Still rolling after all these years
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star: Women's pro bowlers in limbo without season, PWBA suitor
Milt Northrup (Buffalo News):
PBA Tour rolling out big changes

George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Chamberlain wins 4th Senior title
Jim Goodwin: PWBA Regional Report
Pereira-Johnson duo wins 600-700 Scratch Doubles Tourney at Dale City
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Senior shows heart, gets ready for Days Inn Open
NCABA Championship Tournament prize checks mailed
Jim Goodwin: PWBA Regional Report
Higham still high man among Jackson bowlers
UAE bowlers will bowl at World event
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Changes coming in tourney formats
Bowling industry task force modifies merger proposal
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Cash-strapped PWBA cancels fall season
PWBA cancels Fall Tour
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): At 73, Weber still has command of his game
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): PWBA legend Sill to open pro shop in Farmington
BWAA selects July's best bowler
Jim Goodwin: PWBA Regional Report
Sylvia wins PBA Senior Manassas Open
Walt Steinsiek: Bellinder captures PWBA Regional Players Championship; Levens takes Legends title
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): It's never too early to embark on a lifelong passion
Dawn Fay breaks 800 barrier with 31-strike performance at Seminary
Gallo, Holmes join match play field of 32 at PBA Senior Manassas Open
Lanham's Gallo sixth after opening round of PBA Senior Manassas Open
Walt Steinsiek:
Schirmer, Price divisional leaders at PWBA Regional Players Championship

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):DWBA will miss Marsh's dedication
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Requiem for a teacher of lane and Indian lore
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press):Ratings up, but PWBA remains on life support
Illinois stop canceled from PWBA fall tour
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Ladies have held their own on lanes
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): In my 10-1/2 years, these competitors were '10s'
Rami Hulayyel (Gulf Daily News): Qatar pip Bahrain for bowling crown
Rami Hulayyel (Gulf Daily News): Bahrain bowlers claim third gold
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 14)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 13)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Task force continues talks on bowling's single membership group; commitment to concept still exists
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): I>Owczarski savors 'dream season'
Walt Steinsiek:
Cripps goes backwards in the sport of bowling

Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Garfield bowler selected for Team USA
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 12)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 11)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 10)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 9)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Kyle Veazey (Commercial Appeal): Fifth seed climbs to bowling crown
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 8)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 7)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 6)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 5)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
The Mini Eliminator Today (July 4)
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
ABC signs as title sponsor of 2003-04 ABC Teen Masters Tour
Dunkirk, Md. squad takes lead in Division 1 Team Event at WIBC Championship Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): ABC tourney draws 60,000 hopefuls
Executive Director Ray Brothers: DQ appeals process delays Championship Tournament prize checks
(updated June 17)
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Proprietors aren't giving up the fight against anti-smoking law
Tom Holliday (Modesto Bee): Easier lane conditions, new technology take luster off perfect games
Jeremy Elliott (Patriot-News): Leader stays cautious
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Norris, Webb reign over Detroit lanes
Three bowlers claim records as 100th ABC Tournament ends
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Women's tour gets a reprieve
Transcript from chat room session with PWBA star Kendra Cameron
WIBC announces new Women in Leadership conference dates
2004 ABC Championships Tournament: ABC Tournament kicks off its second century
Lisa Riddle (Free Lance-Star): Marine bowler perfects craft
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Local associations keep sport vibrant
WIBC gives financial support to PWBA
President Steve Graves: Another season on the books
John Jowdy: My Top 20 pet peeves
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Chicagoans sidestep locals
Negri to build Asia’s first bowling stadium
Andy Amey (Tribune-Star): Stanbrough strikes
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Kulick posts first pro win in taking Women's Open
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Sunnybrook shines in PWBA spotlight
Local bowling leaders provide feedback on ABC's future at Top 20 association leadership conference
Industry Task Force to meet June 10
Rami Hulayyel (Gulf Daily News): Mack and Penny lift bowling titles
Ron Kantowski (Las Vegas Sun): Old pros can still roll
Bowling for rhinos
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Women's pro tour needs a new benefactor
Bowl America Youth of the Year Grand Finals Tournament results
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Kulick wins U.S. Open, first PWBA title of career
Update: Suspended Area Bowlers
Brian J. Pedersen (Arizona Daily Star): Eagle swoops up championship win
John Moredich (Tucson Citizen): 7 straight strikes give Eagle win
Krista Latham (Detroit Free Press): Tour veteran overcomes adversity, 4th at Open
John Moredich (Tucson Citizen): Eagle homes in on strikes, laughs and life's lessons
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): U.S. Open a thrill for daring amateurs
Laura Moyer (Free Lance-Star): Box Seats: Some strikes, some gutter balls
Michael Hiestand (USA Today): Women's bowling could strike out
John Moredich (Tucson Citizen): A master at hustling
Jack Magruder (Arizona Daily Star): With bowling and graduation, there's no time to spare
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Easy scores yield new Open leader
Jack Magruder (Arizona Daily Star): Hall of Famer Weber, 73, still enjoys competition
John Moredich (Tucson Citizen): Couture hungry for 3rd Sr. Masters win
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Macpherson in hunt for historic double
Paul White (Virginian-Pilot): 101-year bowler still has plenty of energy to spare
Dick Evans (Daytona Beach News-Journal): Money may force PWBA to shut down
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Daniels takes lead; high scores surprise
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Leagues face hard times as merger fails
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Women's tour to get summer season rolling with U.S. Open
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Sunnybrook has record Open field
Bob Hohler (Boston Globe): Garciaparra proves to be kingpin with mates
Kathleen Stelly (Times-Picayuune): Young bowler slings strikes ceaselessly
Local team takes the lead at WIBC Tournament
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Gender barrier to break
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Another Hall of Fame opens its doors to Coburn-Carroll
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bowling center manager wins Detroit Open
ABC asks industry partners to renew effort to unite bowling organizations
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press) Bennett seeks redemption in Detroit Open
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bishop takes pride in Queens crown
AMF to license brand name to Columbia
Jim Goodwin: For Don Johnson, bowling was fun, and he made it fun for us to watch
Rich Carrubba: My friend Don Johnson
Jim Goodwin: WIBC walked the extra mile on SMO but couldn't convince stubborn delegates
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): Perfection on target for young bowler
Bowling legend dies
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Top coach Yokobosky holds Rockaway camp
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Lockport's Angelo brings home PBA honor as top rookie
Alexandria's Harris scores 299 game at ABC Tournament
Chesapeake's Alton Forbes assumes duties as ABC's 90th president
WIBC delegation falls short on second USBC vote
WIBC delegates reject USBC Plan of Merger
Chuck Woodling (Lawrence Journal-World): Glass eager for bowling season to start
Jim Goodwin: If not now, when? It's do-or-die for bowling
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Williams wins accolade
Ryan Ernst (Cincinnati Enquirer): Vogelgesang cracks PBA top 60
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Hall induction has Bax rolling down memory lane
BWAA names O'Neill, Bellinde 2003 Collegiate Bowlers of the Year
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Unorthodox style suits Foote fine
Wichita State men and women rank No. 1 in final 2002-03 BWAA collegiate rankings
Dressel speaks on "Phantom Radio"
Don Wright: The WIBC vote and bowling's future
Ron Weiskind (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Nick Perry / TV bowling kingpin, dies
Ken Hambleton (Lincoln Journal Star): NU bowlers ready to re-claim national title
Tom Groeschen (Cincinnati Enquirer): Schott, Fehr tapped
(New Zealand Herald): Porirua bowling alley pokie licence suspended
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Williams rolling his way toward being the best ever
Tremper sets NCABA series mark
President Steve Graves: Events continue despite season’s end
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Championship Tournament in progress; getting ready for summer
Secretaries may resume online submission of awards
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): T Men riding high in championship chase
(Knoxville News): Bowlers show their support for troops
Jim Paulsen (Star Tribune): Adapted sports experience growth, popularity boom
USA, Canadian representatives announced for 2003 AMF World Cup
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Few changes after ABC meets
Patti Myers (The Desert Sun): Rejuvenated Baker back on the road to success
(Reno Gazette-Journal): Macpherson takes No. 1 seed into Queens finals
(Reno Gazette-Journal): Terrell out at WIBC Queens
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Touring pro inspires Ciminelli's attitude adjustment
ABC cancels 2003 Association Leadership Conference: Plans to have meeting with Top 20 associations
2003 Vir-Mar District YABA Invitational finalist mini-bios
Don Wright: Questions to ponder
NCABA/WDCAWBA Senior Tournament highlights
Photo Gallery
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Freep, coaches to honor state's top prep bowlers
Paula Schleis (Akron Beacon Journal): Bowling league keeps rolling
Sterner captures 2003 Teen Masters crown ... (PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
BWAA selects March's best bowler
Papee-Bustle duo wins 600 Club Doubles Tournament
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Scholarship rules put students in a bind
(The Star Online): South Korean bowlers pull out, giving MTBC a surprise
Fivesome with NCABAers Chapman and Johnson wins Team Challenge event in Connecticut
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): North girls, Troy Athens boys win state titles
Carol Beggy (Boston Globe): Changing lanes
Carol Beggy (Boston Globe): Lanes spare some money for charities
Bill Hutchen (News Tribune): Young bowler has talent to spare
Maureen Feighan (Detroit News): Traditional sports get thumbs down at Annapolis High
(Buffalo News): Schroeder hits 100,000 pin mark
Michael Buettner (AP): A new spin on bowling
(News Interactive): Bowling ball ad 'valid': Premier
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Taylor tournament makes big impression on many
Roger, over and out: ABC delegates reject merger plan
(Gulf News): Shaker Ali thrilled with sponsorship deal
David Heuschkel, (Hartford Courant): Burkett throws off-season strikes
Kim North Shine (Detroit Free Press): Out of the gutter: How bowling became cool
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Williams Jr. strikes it rich with PBA title
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Williams' rewards are major title, $120,000
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Williams to meet Weber in semifinal
McGregor elected president for 2003-2004; delegates say "no" to SMO
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Familiar results for Dale Traber
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Matchups set in World Championships
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Spigner fades but learns from PBA's best in Taylor
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): DeVaney still leads qualifying
George Hunter (Detroit News): Bowling contests put Taylor on map
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Angelo earns keep on PBA
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Odom still searches for his first PBA victory
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Monacelli surges at Taylor Lanes
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Defending champ Kent has struggled
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Chilled Roth heats up at Taylor Lanes
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Vanderhoef takes lead in qualifying
Nelson wins 600 Club Winter Singles Tournament
C. Ray Hall (Courier-Journal): Crowd favorite Waliczek wins Odor-Eaters Open
Hahn-Maffett duo wins
600-700 Scratch Doubles Tournament

Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Palumbo spared no effort to improve game he loved
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Fiery Pete Weber still bowling up a storm
Charles E. Ramirez (Detroit News): Pro bowling fixes image, courts fans
Local instructor Bob Pendergraft remembered
Paul Danzer (The Columbian): Bowling Ambassador -- Vancouver's John Fantini serves as national team coach for Saudi Arabia
Robert J. Summers (Buffalo News): Palumbo ranked as Buffalo's kingpin
Rajes Paul (The Star Online): Our men bowlers finally come good
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Women vs. men is nothing new
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Eberl sends a message in Tri-City Masters: He's back!
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Moore's 2nd Masters is triumph and relief
(London Free Press): Canada's men bowlers slip up
Michael Amsel and Naomi Mueller (Asbury Park Press): Several roofs collapse under tons of snow; bowling alley worst
Shannon Shelton (Orlando Sentinel): Spares pin Couch into a corner
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): ABC championships roll on for 135 days
President Steve Graves: Many events highlight second half of season
Executive Director Ray Brothers: SMO is the talk of the bowling world
Las Vegas' Texas Station selected to host '04 USA Bowling National Amateur Championships
Shannon Shelton (Orlando Sentinel): Couch holds on to advance
David Whitley (Orlando Sentinel): Roll call: PBA, Couch ready to step forward
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Excitement building in Taylor
BWAA names 2002 top male & female bowler
Silver Spring assistant manager George Browne dies
(Lawrence Journal-World): Lawrence's Glass honored
Minick, Lee capture 2003 VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Invitational titles
The Mini Eliminator Today (Feb. 3) (PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Funeral services today for Moe Brown
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Parity is spreading the wealth
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): McClain wins Masters titles 25 years apart
The Mini Eliminator Today (Feb. 2)
The Mini Eliminator Today (Feb. 1)
The Mini Eliminator Today (Jan. 31 extra)
WIBC announces host city for 2007 Championship Tournament and Annual Meeting
The Mini Eliminator Today (Jan. 31)
The Mini Eliminator Today (Jan. 30)
The Mini Eliminator Today (Jan. 29)
The Mini Eliminator Today (Jan. 28)
The Mini Eliminator Today (Jan. 27)
John Jowdy: The "new" PBA
John Jowdy: PBA's new format creates excitement
John Jowdy: Piroozshad and Romeo provide potent one-two punch for bowling
Richard Kolb: Williams wins record-setting 35th tourney; Ripa stars on "Ed"
Chris Chancellor (News Tribune): Lanes of Opportunity
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Smith Masters the PBA Tour
Rajes Paul (The Star Online): Bowler Daniel aims to get act right by winning national crown
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Teens strike it big at Sunnybrook
Phil Versace (Poughkeepsie Journal): Lighter bowling ball may be best for seniors
Royce Feour (Las Vegas Review-Journal): PBA Tour first-time winner hopes to stay on roll
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Merger of bowling agencies rolls along toward final OK
2003 ABC Masters: Bryon Smith wins first pro title
Rowe-Clawson duo
wins 600 Club Doubles Tournament

(The Star Online): Swede Karlssen ready and willing to take up challenge
Lim Teik Huat (The Star Online): Bowlers out to land early killer punch on their opponents
Lim Teik Huat (The Star Online): Coach wants bowler to modify hook-ball release
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): It’s a Goebel event
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): The big picture might involve arena bowling
Alex Branch (Wichita Eagle): Freak accident kills man at bowling alley
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): And then there were five
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): Edwards puts an end to Holman’s marvelous run
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Duke rolls into an elite group
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): The Meteor strikes
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): New faces take PBA to new places
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Bowling center mechanic profits from return to competition
Tim Trower (Mail Tribune): PBA changes could help protect the top players
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Wozny's score, patience hold up for Hoinke win
2003 USA Bowling National Amateur Championships: Final Recap and Team USA 2003
BWAA selects December's top bowler
Paul Dellinger (New River Valley Current): Bowling alley closes, family business lives on
Grant Clark (Tacoma News Tribune): Perfect not enough
John McGrath (Tacoma News Tribune): Emotion, drama and a guy called the 'Dooook' big hits at PBA event
Dave Boling (Tacoma News Tribune): Association with folks like Miller can only enhance bowling's appeal
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Wall's Roth still on a roll
Barbara Clements (Tacoma News Tribune): Rolling in a new game at Emerald Queen
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Canadian alley becomes toddler-friendly
KU men bowlers win Colgate tourney
Jayhawks win tournament
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Sullins' 2002 achievements will be hard to top
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Targets anything but striking
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Koivuniemi sets tallest mark
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Humor was the anchor to Russo's Hall of Fame career
Seminary record-holder eulogized at service in Arlington
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Thanks to Pilon, Couch has ball in three-peat
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): High school bowling on a roll in Jersey
JoAnne Klimovich Harrop (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review): Trib bowling columnist loved the sport
Former GWBS leader dies
President Steve Graves: Do we need SMO?
Executive Director Ray Brothers: All received sanctions processed; new sites for Championship Tourney
Pete Dougherty (Times Union): Experienced field in Empire Open finals
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Rolling out gift ideas for bowlers
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): BTC targets have international flavor
PWBA star to visit Capital Plaza
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Bowling champs' hopes ruined despite 2 300s
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Old Timers title gives other Bob Chamberlain a lift
Jeff Karzen (Lansing State Journal): Bowling is favored to be MHSAA's addition
(The Star Online): 10 Malaysian bowlers make Grand Slam Finals
Tom Clark ( Bowling's magic number loses luster
BWAA names November's best bowler
Updated suspended area bowlers listing
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Old Timers features bowlers from near, far
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Beat The Champions set to roll again
Phil Versace (Poughkeepsie Journal): Bowling balls should be kept squeaky clean
On The Job: Red Nelson
2002 NCABA/WDCAWBA Hall of Fame Induction Celebration photos
John Jowdy: PWBA leaders beating odds for organization's survival
Jim Goodwin: The seniors deserve more—and they just might get it
Richard Kolb: PBA returns to TV with major changes
Richard Kolb: Kegel Training Center strikes again at Brunswick World Team Challenge
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Dorin-Ballard still in awe of 2001 season
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Redlein has gone the distance with Traveling A League
(The Star Online): Zulmazran wins Taiwan leg of Asian Bowling Tour
David Mayo (Grand Rapids Press): The New Showstopper McCune finally gets his first made-for-TV PBA Tour victory
Brian Vanochten (Grand Rapids Press): McCune feasts at Banquet Classic
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): McCune's new confidence rewarded by his first title
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Bowler offers views for growth of sport
Brian Vanochten (Grand Rapids Press): ESPN's live bowling broadcast takes more work than college football
Dan Glus (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review): Hall of Famer Mark Roth relocates
BVL Kickoff raises nearly $6,300
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Snow's loss of job eased by victory
Phil Versace (Poughkeepsie Journal): Loud noise not considered interference in bowling
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Williams beats Voss in battle of PBA stars
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Taylor gets world bowling event
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Regional PBA programs are tickled by trickle-down effect
Dave Dondoneau (News Tribune): Hall of Fame induction apex for Naccarato
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Boyd misses cut, gains PBA smarts
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Macpherson closes strong to reach round of 24
BWAA selects October's best bowler
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Perfect game eludes Wiseman, but not title
ABC, WIBC, YABA, USA Bowling boards move United States Bowling Congress forward
ABC legends Weber, Varipapa to be featured tonight on History Channel's "Stories from the (Bowling) Hall Of Fame"
Jim Gintonio (Arizona Republic): Bowling tournament big success
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Turbo tournament offers amateurs challenge they seek
BVL string ends at seven
Longtime collegiate leader Kerm Helmer dies
President Steve Graves: All leagues well under way
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Hall of Fame’s done; BVL drive begins
Invitational centers announced
Barbara Vaughan: WDCAWBA News
WIBC names 2003 Hall of Fame inductees
Glass collects $30,000 victory in Brunswick Senior World Open
(PDF file /
Adobe Reader required)
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Glass bowls to victory at Orleans
Gordon Monson (Salt Lake Tribune): Lane closure, once-promising bowling career may be winding down for Turner
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Former pin-sticker still stacking up the sporting memories
Glass leads Brunswick Senior World Open after opening round of match play (PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Brunswick Senior World Open Standings after 32 games (PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Morton takes lead in Senior bowling
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Handegard battling for Senior lead
Writers select September's top bowler
Phone lines now open for WIBC members
New qualifying format introduced as 11th ABC Senior Masters returns to Tucson
Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette) Sport Bowling offers a bigger challenge for bowlers
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Tough call to end Three Rivers
John Jowdy: Loyal recorders bring bowling world to life
Richard Kolb: Wagner retires without regret
Don Wright: Numerous reasons for lack of media coverage
Sports Plus/Carmen Don Pro Shop staff: Bowling Ball Care and Maintenance
Storm technical data for Core Power HRG™ and Big Hit™ balls
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): That old Brandt magic has Kinyon in its spell
Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette): Age? It’s ‘just a number’ on bowling lanes
Dan Glus (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review): Borello and Sabalauskas selected top state juniors
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bishop is talented and modest
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Barrette wins at Three Rivers Open
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): DiRupo rekindles memories at Three Rivers Open
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Spirit of 9/11 lives through 300 game
Graves appoints three new directors
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Three Rivers might run dry
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Champions of ladies' tour kicking off new TV season
WIBC, PWBA renew partnership for 2002-03 season
100th ABC Tournament tops 10,000 team entry mark
Tammy Keith (The Vilonia schools to begin bowling team
WIBC leaders voice disapproval of potential action to weaken Title IX
(The Star Online): Penang bowlers retain their title, thanks to a great 1-2
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Election to Hall of Fame one of Sullins' top honors
BWAA selects August's top bowler
Dave Toplikar (Lawrence Journal-World): Jaybowl scores a strike with students
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Countdown begins for tournament
Gary D'Amato (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Holman strikes it big
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Quest for the Olympics ill-conceived
Lowe, Hall cash at PBA regional in New Jersey
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Updated list of suspended area bowlers (Aug. 28)
Peter Kerasotis (Florida Today): Strikingly different lady bowler
Wolfe-Glover duo repeats
as 600-700 Scratch Doubles Tourney champs

John Jowdy: Let's not overlook the "Kokomo Kid" as one of the all-time greats
Don Wright: Thoughts from the Wright Side
Richard Kolb: Jeff Gordon bowls over the competition in Daytona
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Detroit yearbook a must-have
Executive Director Ray Brothers: League officers must know their responsibilities
New data revises NCABA 2001-2002 Official Ranking
Southern Bowling Writers Association honors Dorin-Ballard
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): Delutz Jr. wins Syracuse regional
Jim Zima (Green Bay Press-Gazette): Weber best in Sport Bowling
Levi Chronister (Lawrence Journal-World): Changing lanes
(Buffalo News): Proposed merger of 'Alphabet' groups spells controversy
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Jackson a fave spot for PBA Senior Tour
Michael Dailey (Charleston Daily Mail): Wasting no time with new sport
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Hamtramck title goes to Burrows
President Steve Graves: Welcome back!
Tom Howard (Billings Gazette): County taxpayers to get bowling bill
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): If it's ready, will they come?
Richard Alm (Dallas Morning News): Women's bowling has yet to score big
Graham Watson (Dallas Morning News): Dorin-Ballard wins her second straight Dallas Open title
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Flying scare doesn't stop Hatcher's drive
Ray McNulty (Fort Pierce Tribune): Stroke didn't get in way of strikes
ABC's Bowling Magazine ceases publication
Funeral arrangements set for Hall of Famer Leonard Ray
(Vero Beach Press Journal): Steinsiek earns honor
(The Star Online): Back to trials to pick bowlers for World Cup
Capps, Steinsiek elected to Hall of Fame
Writers choose June's best bowler
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): Feldman delights hometown crowd
The Mini Eliminator Today
(PDF format)
Walt Steinsiek (Vero Beach Press Journal): Zurich to open pro shop at Fort Pierce Bowl
(Billings Gazette): Champions crowned in ABC Tournament
(Jakarta Post): Bowling requires govt support
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Bowling gets good publicity in Louisiana
Pete Dougherty (Times Union): Upstate bowlers hit their marks
Polly Campbell (The Oregonian): Two bowlers fulfill dream to compete professionally
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Francis the star of city tournament
Walt Steinsiek (Vero Beach Press Journal): Nelson's love affair with bowling lasts a lifetime
Peter Reuell (MetroWest Daily News): A true Hall of Famer:
Onorato won titles, friends on and off the bowling lanes

Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Latest line of bowling balls coming
Michelle Malkin (Washington Times): He was a good man
Brian Salgado (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Bowler cooked at home in WIBC tourney
John Jowdy: My All-Time, All-Miss Team
Don Wright: Olympic bowling team choices create challenges
Chief Wapensky: "We shall not forget you"
Richard Kolb: Wolfe teaches an old ball new tricks to win ABC Masters
VIR-MAR-DISTRICT YABA Bowler of the Month
Record-breaking WIBC Tournament ends
President Thomas Allen: It has been a busy year
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Tournament checks are out, final averages must come in
Michael Olesker (Baltimore Sun): Filming an American story: the pinboys of Baltimore
Ray Brothers: "Odd Balls I" take team title at NCABA Championship Tournament
Andrew Formanek (Moscow Times): Bowling opens up deep pockets
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): Local bowler best in state
Bowl America Stars of the Year Joe Oliver and Laurel McHargue win Vegas trips
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Achord enters bowling Hall
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): ECC triumphs keep Stutz's career in rapid climb
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Roth wins first major Senior title
Bolden wins Super Bracket Shoot-Out (update)
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Grego, Webb head all-city teams
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Bowler Soutar in position for win
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Despite no wins in 10 years, Henderson's Baker enjoys PBA Senior Tour
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Wow! Amedee bowls 830 series
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Neff not wasting his time on Tour
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Bowling houses in Russia catch disco fever
Michael Tomberlin (Birmingham News): Bowling alley unspared
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): All-Star Classic keeps on rolling
Walt Steinsiek (Vero Beach Press Journal): PBA Rookie of the Year Jones captures pro event in Fort Pierce
(Peoples Daily Online): Shanghai wins 2007 Special Olympics Games bid
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Time for relaxing summer
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): Lights, camera, Lown is answer to bowling trivia
Tom Stieghorst (Sun-Sentinel): Broward County strikes deal to lure black bowlers convention
Robert White (Cincinnati Post): He never bowled alone
Billings ties ABC mark with 51st 300
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Fan-friendly tournaments probably will return to area
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Jeziorski brews success in Milwaukee tournament
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Shore Lanes ends another streak
Brandon Tubbs (Anniston Star): The 'Burch boys' aimed to be professional bowlers
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Feldman wins PWBA event
Bev Eckman (The Detroit News): Feldman outbowls Adler for St. Clair Shores title
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Davis is a reluctant champion
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Macpherson leaps into contention
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Davis topples Wetzel in final
Henry Fankhauser (Prince George's Journal): Team of relatives wins WDCAWBA City Tournament
Lori Griffin (Lincoln Journal Star): Schwager can't take direct advantage of third-place winnings
Gary D'Amato (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Terrell pins title as queen of Queens
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Chamberlain looking for second win on new knee
Bob Hennessy dead at 80
Steve Solloway (Portland Press Herald): There wasn't one pin to spare
Gregory, Gore capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Lori Nickel: Women taking aim at highly coveted WIBC Queens crown
Retention bonuses paid in bankruptcies being questioned
Bohn claims PBA's player of year honor
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Notes 'n' quotes from the lanes
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bork, Allen head class of state Hall of Famers
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): After 900, life rolls on for Wood
Scott Brown (Orange County Register): Tuma, 91, keeps rolling along
BWAA selects April's top bowler
Gary D'Amato (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Fun is right up WIBC participants' alley
Rich Wolfe lone local casher at PBA regional in Shippensburg, Pa.
(PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Dupuy, Snee enter Hall
Indiana bowler makes ABC Tournament history
WIBC board responds to the action taken by the WIBC delegates to delay vote on SMO
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): More fame finds its way to Daniels
Sylvia Broyles elected WIBC president; delegation votes to delay SMO vote until 2004
Mike Zimmer (Billings Gazette): Michigan couple celebrates 25 ABCs together
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): PWBA to stop in Liverpool
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): PBA Tour to return to Chicago area
Paul Danzer (The Columbian): Dave Childers of Camas overcomes nerves to bowl a state-record 889 series
Chuck Woodling (Lawrence Journal-World): Glass ready for start of Senior Tour
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Baton Rouge needs building for bowling
NCABA's Darwin Wimer tosses 299 game at ABC Tourney
Randy King (Roanoke Times): Keziah rolls right into record books
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): Billings bowler still not 'perfect'
James Pendergrass (Jacksonville News): Allison sets 285 bowling league record
From the Desk of WIBC Executive Director Roseanne Kuhn
John Jowdy: Sandy Curtis to the rescue for senior pros
President Thomas Allen: Raising the bar of the NCABA Hall of Fame
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Final averages must be submitted at league's end or by June 20
Barbara Vaughan: WDCAWBA News
Thomas C. Palmer Jr. (Boston Globe): Bowling proposed for Cheri theater
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): The original 'Mr. Bailey' keeps singles league going
(Billings Gazette): Wisconsin bowler throws 30th perfect game
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Super Mom is No. 1 with Sunnybrook
ABC/Brunswick World Team Challenge returns to Baltimore April 20-21
Lori Nickel (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): WIBC championship rolls into town
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): New Hampshire bowler sets ABC tourney record
Shafer tops Wolfe to win RMS Capital Corporation title (PDF file / Adobe Reader required)
Carly Foster (Toronto Star): Bowling light
Jack Millikin (Tri-City Herald): Centralia's Miller wins Northwest Open
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Future of bowling looks bright for preps, colleges
Pete Weber to appear on Fox Sports Net tonight
(The Star Online): Jonathan and Yazliza roll down singles gold medals
Ted Simmons (The Age): Japan wins Asian ten pin bowling doubles
Kate Taylor (The Oregonian): On a roll with all ages
Gore, Aspiras capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
First 800 series recorded at 2002 ABC Tournament
Honeychurch wins Australian title
S.J. Komarnitsky (Anchorage Daily News): Valley Lanes reaches the final frame
Reno bowling stadium lays off 13
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): SVSU, MSU qualify for national championships
Waldorf's Cronk perfect at ABC Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): New Jersey bowler tops PBA tour
(The Star Online): Zulmazran misses title by two pins, Poh Lai rolls perfect game
Rajes Paul (The Star Online): Perfect game for Nepomuceno
(People's Daily Online): Chinese National Bowling Team Open to National Trials
NCABA Tournament deadline extended; Storm balls to be raffled off
2002 VIR-MAR-DISTRICT YABA Invitational: finalist mini-bios / round-by-round results
Patrick Golden (Milford Daily News): Final pin may drop at Wal-Lex: Owner may sell to developer, closing bowling alley and rink
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): ABC Masters champ to give PBA Tour a shot
ABC veteran recalls heyday of team bowling
Jonathon Moran (The Age): Investigation as prisoners allowed out for tenpin bowling
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): In person, on computer bowling deserves credit
BWAA Convention notebook / March 14
Hosgood leads Regular Singles at ABC Tournament
BWAA Convention notebook / March 13
(Virginian-Pilot) Pro bowling tourney opens at Va. Wesleyan
BWAA Convention notebook / March 12
Bill Leffler (Virginian-Pilot): Bowler hopes lightning strikes twice
Brian Cline (Journal Sentinel): Prep bowling on a roll
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowling officials roll to Montana this week
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Should Ford Field be open to hosting a major?
(Billings Gazette staff): March roars in like a lion at ABC tourney
Hector Saldaña (San Antonio Express-News ): Taking life in the slow lanes at Hermann Sons bowling alley
Darrin Hill (Motor City Bowling News): Doug Kent is crowned PBA World Champion
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): Kent is right on the mark
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Kent bags biggest PBA prize
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Gazette): First 300 game no accident
NCABA delegate decisions on proposed amendments for the 2002 ABC Annual Meeting Legislative Session
Steve Graves elected president for 2002-03 season
Silver Hill Strikers strike again!
Rebekah and Robin Erb (Toledo Blade): It's still kingpin in hearts of fans
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): Sun shines on Voss; field is cropped to 4
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): Bohn misses cut, but is big favorite for player of year
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Commissioner sees PBA making big-league progress, big time
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): Top 8 seeds move to Sweet 16
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): Lizzi misses cut; brother-in-law in
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Detroit in running for an arena major
Tom Clark ( Pete Weber's resurgence has PBA on edge
John Wagner (Toledo Blade): One former fan in fine shape
John Wagner (Toledo Blade): Adsit a favorite of PBA sponsor
John Wagner (Toledo Blade): Lizzi, Reynolds at home at Southwyck
John Wagner (Toledo Blade): Toledo perfect for Salvino comeback
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): The bracket bowl: Sudden death match play puts zip in PBA event
Mark Monroe (Toledo Blade): A gold medal in bowling?
Wolfe-Glover duo wins
600-700 Scratch Doubles Tournament

Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): For Masters winner, twice is very nice
Nancy A. Youssef (Detroit Free Press): Suit filed over 'big business' of bowling
Tom Clark ( A beautifully rolled ball is something to behold
Proposed amendments for the 2002 ABC Annual Meeting Legislative Session
Richard Wolfe among candidates on GEICO Direct Battle Ballot
James Hagengruber (Billings Gazette): Bowler's bad-news-good-news story ends with cat surviving a trailer fire
President Thomas Allen: Many upcoming events on the bowling calendar
Don Wright: Ward gets the shaft from BWAA
Pete Dougherty (Times Union): Change wasn't spared
Sean Duncan (Chicago Tribune): Bowler ends career on right foot
Aspiras, Brownie capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Tom Clark ( Brash, raunchy Weber is just what bowling needs
Jacqueline Johnson (Billings Gazette): Bowlers honor 9/11 rescuers
Former director Baziluik dies
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): In the glitz of Las Vegas, Billings' Keith Loran hit the bowling jackpot
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): Local bowlers get first practice on ABC tourney lanes
Tom Clark ( Slim-down PBA format to make it more exciting
Court confirms AMF Bowling worldwide's consensual plan of reorganization
Herman, Hicks win VIR-MAR-DISTRICT YABA Invitational titles
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Petraglia is selected to N.J. Hall of Fame
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): California bowler returning to roots
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): After making 7-10 split, Harley breezes to title
Phil English (Chicago Tribune): Prospect bowlers thrive on constancy
Brothers recovering from bypass surgery
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Status of amateurs hard to understand
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): New voice for PBA will be great
Leonard Ruble (Florida Times-Union): Women's pro bowling association honors Johnson with award
Lori Griffin (Lincoln Journal Star): Schwager glad she stayed with Huskers
Derrick Nunnally (The Advocate): Mayor wants facility unused until bowling event
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Branham on a roll after PBA dry spell
Bowler hopes injury won't end career
Bamrung Amnatcharoenrit (Bangkok Post): Brunswick plans B75m bowling alley
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): Pros share striking tips with bowlers
Tom Clark ( TV's been great for bowling but needs to do more
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Shafer's local success sparks PBA prosperity
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): De Lutz' career is rolling along
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Bohn hitting home run on PBA Tour
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Dorin-Ballard finally voted PWBA Player of Year
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Pro tours will pay visits to Michigan often this year
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Couch just misses tournament finals
Tom Clark ( Days of power and accuracy are gone
Ken Murphy (Keene SentinelSource): Won't be bowled over: Kilburn confident headed to nationals
Gerald Benson (Tribune Chronicle): Pins fall Rinella's way
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Rolling on top of the world
Lori Griffin (Lincoln Journal Star): 40 years of bowling, friendships lead to hall
Boaz Herzog (The Oregonian): This isn't Dick Weber's PBA
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): Foresight paying off for Billings
BVL salutes Tom Dale
LaFave, Pancoast capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Jim Goodwin: Another interesting year in bowling
Ron Fox (The Record): Almost perfect
Tom Clark ( Bohn loosens up for 28th title
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Finn enjoys making history
Jayda Evans (Seattle Times): A revamped, revitalized PBA returns to the Seattle area
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): Getting the ball rolling
Virginia Peden (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): AARP members watch bowling scores, but take no trophies
Jayda Evans (Seattle Times): PBA returns to Seattle area bearing Anthony's name
Leonard Ruble (Florida Times-Union): New ball? Make sure it fits your lane's conditions
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowling merger keeps rolling along
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): Work set to begin for ABC bowling tournament
Reginald Fields (Akron Beacon Journal): Girl bowler told to split
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Couch's hometown victory highlights season
Mindie Paget (Lawrence Journal-World): All-night bowling party allows youngsters to let the good times roll
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Duke shows he knows tricks of trade
Larry Woody (The Tennessean): Paralyzed man wants to get out more, but law blocks way
Allen Howard (Cincinnati Enquirer): Love of bowling her legacy
Joy Ludwig (Lawrence Journal-World):Elderly couple are dedicated bowlers
Bill Bighaus (Billings Gazette): ABC tourney isn’t only game in town
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bohn greets juniors
Don Wright: My take on the historic U.S. Opens
Holiday Inn Eisenhower Ave. to host Council of Delegates Meeting
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Duke, Weber grab honors
Burt Wilson (Intelligencer Journal): Alley cats: Bowling comes to county high schools
Missouri bowler sets WIBC record
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): TV provides bowling showcase
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Gift ideas for bowlers
Brenda Seekins (Morning Sentinel): Fire destroys Pittsfield Bowling Center
Lydia Gabriel Lamb (Journal Online): Bowling brothers unhappy with city's handling of possibly buy
Western Illinois men and Indiana State women top first BWAA poll
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Koivuniemi a major success
Pete Weber, Norm Duke elected to ABC Hall of Fame
Tom Clark ( Hey, PBA: Be cool, embrace 'gambling'
Remaklus, Hoffman capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
K.C. White II wins 600 Club Winter Singles
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): No drop in ABC Tournament entries
For the record....
Jim Goodwin: Random thoughts while searching for motivation
Don Wright: Bowling centers are more than just places to bowl
Richard Kolb: Barrette stands above California competition on PWBA Tour
WDCAWBA News Notes
Mike Terry (Los Angeles Times): U.S. Open Title Goes to Finn
Eugene W. Fields (Orange County Register): Fantastic Finnish to U.S. Open
Ted Apodaca (Orange County Register): DeVaney rolls into the finals of U.S. Open
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Moon finally shines again
Shav Glick (Los Angeles Times): Smith makes for a striking presence
Campagna wins Holiday Classic
Jimmy Chai and Jim Hinch (Orange County Register): Pursuit of bowling crown leaves no money to spare
Jonathan Okanes (Contra Costa Times): Success is right up their alley:
Macpherson, Barrette began rivalry in East Bay

From the desk of WIBC Executive Director Roseann Kuhn
Tom Clark ( U.S. Open week could have been even better
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Bowling fans benefit from bad dispute
Eugene W. Fields (Orange County Register): Rich PBA event comes to Fullerton
President Thomas Allen: Watch for your sanction card in the mail
Executive Director Ray Brothers: BVL Kickoff: A fun time for a good cause
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Dorin-Ballard is head of class
Patricia Babcock McGraw (Daily Herald): Female bowlers stand their ground
Tom Clark ( No easy stroll in bowling's fast lane
Jim Hinch (Orange County Register): Big event bowls over Fountain Valley folks
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Nat Summers a local legend
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Jones minds his dots and arrows for an 865 series at Voelker's
John Erardi (Cincinnati Enquirer): Bowlers try to hit $50,000 jackpot
Edgar Sandoval (Morning Call): Tradition of Thanksgiving bowling draws in family’s friends, relatives
Tom Clark ( No turkeys in this Thanksgiving column
Schedule announced for 2002 Invitational
Update: 2001-2002 Lane Directors / Service Reps
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Duke, Weber up for Hall vote
Jennifer Goldblatt (St. Petersburg Times): Bowling for the birds: How to win a turkey
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Webb is tops after all; Bergman back, in style
Tom Clark ( Williams Jr. winning in format he dislikes
Williams now No. 2 for all-time PBA wins
Royce Feour (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Dorin-Ballard wins seventh title
Nachimi Itakura and Kim Haugen win 2001 AMF Bowling World Cup titles
Funeral arrangements set for Henry Ford
Royce Feour (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Dorin-Ballard seeks seventh tourney title
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Mohacsi, 69, is a senior queen now
Henry Fankhauser (Prince George's Journal): White House League gets new home
Tom Clark ( Look out PBA Tour, here I come
Darrin Hill (Detroit Free Press): Maurer rolls to title at Taylor Lanes
AMF Bowling World Cup leaders
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): North Jersey bowler a hero at Ground Zero
BVL Kickoff raises nearly $4,600
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Johnson nails down clutch Hammer win
Yvonne Bohwongprasert (Bangkok Post): Bowling extravaganza draws 95 countries
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Ivancik finally scares up his first Majors victory
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): City gets 2003 state bowling tourney
Tom Clark ( Bowling's three hurdles to gain respect
Llee Sivitz (Cincinnati Enquirer): Spare yourself bowling injuries
BPAA board and CEO Jack Kelly mutually agree not to seek contract extension
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Allmang-Azcarate team wins doubles
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Dunkirk women win to cash in at Canandaigua
Lisa Allen-Agostini (Washington Post): Two Men Who Were Just Doing Their Jobs
Andre L. Smith (Rockford Register Star): Liz Johnson clings to Hammer title
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Tavares' Eagle wins Senior National event
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Allen wins PBA Open in Taylor
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Allen gets first title
Bowling queen Shalin still pines for the elusive world title
VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Bowlers of the Month
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Barnes tops list of finalists at Taylor
Tom Clark ( Perfect timing, if not a perfect game
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Williams tops No. 1 seed Bohn in best-of-5
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Petraglia Open drawing elite to North Brunswick
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): City to bid for tourney
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): Millevilles' chances for success are better by the dozen
Chip Mundy (Michigan Live): Eagle shows patriotic side after winning bowling title
Ross Atkin (Christian Science Monitor): He sees pro bowling as back on a roll
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Emotional Eagle beats Stus
Chuck Carlson (Michigan Live): Seniors remind us how much fun bowling can really be
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Glass leads PBA Senior; Eagle rolls 300 vs. Weber
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Weber defeats Bohn to win Great Lakes Classic
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Pete Weber misses 300, but ties dad at 26 titles
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Dick Weber bowls well while following his son
Tom Clark ( Difficult lane conditions make broadcast a turnoff
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Weber, 71, rolls stunner at national championship
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Bohn, Weber, Williams make tonight a big show
Update: 2001-2002 Lane Directors/Service Reps
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): New pro format not the best
Bowlers will help New York families
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Money talks in fun match during Great Lakes Classic
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Locals hold top 2 spots at PBA Senior National
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier & Press): 10-pin stands in way of perfection, but not in path of 800 series
Don Wright: Two thumbs down for PBA's telecasts
USBA legislation will not be presented in 2002
Richard Kolb: Earl Anthony: The rebel with a cause among pioneers
M.F. Piraino (Post-Standard): Petrowski Sr. makes second Tour stop
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): PBA back in town, with more to offer
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Seniors haul baggage to Jackson
WIBC Hall of Fame welcomes trio
Harry Page (San Antonio Express News): King finally wins one west of the Mississippi
President Thomas Allen: This site can help answer questions about awards
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Miltary centers and its bowlers affected by attack
Jim Krupka (Morning Call): Pikeville College teams capture Keystone-Quaker Classic
Tom Clark ( Intensity of match play on display
Storm renews sponsorship for 2002 WIBC Senior Queens Tournament
Gregory, Parker win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Losing an old friend
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier & Press): Sport bowling puts emphasis on skills
Norm Warner (Buffalo News): John rolls 876, proving he's no Johnny come lately
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): No rancor about PBA's cancellation
Gregg Holshouser (Sun News): An icon falls in the finals
NCABA/WDCAWBA again tops national BVL contributions
Henry Fankhauser (Prince George's Journal [PDF format]): Locals earn their "Bolony"
Page 2

Tom Clark ( Shaky TV opener for 'new' PBA Tour
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Top woman bowler honored
Larry Woody (The Tennessean): Bowlers show spirit of America in time of crisis
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Dorin-Ballard adds to impressive season
Larry Woody (The Tennessean): Champ of last local event to roll first ball
Theresa Monsour (Pioneer Press): Church basement bowling
Larry Woody (The Tennessean): McMillan paints houses, chases his bowling dream
Larry Woody (The Tennessean): Well-traveled Finland native rolls into town
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Warren's Pilon wins first PBA Tour title
Jeff Elliott (Florida Times-Union): Game a family affair for Dorin-Ballard
Tom Clark ( Finding therapeutic diversions in a day at the lanes
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Sand travels 2,200 miles for pro debut
Bill Wesselhoff (Florida Times-Union): Local players face tough task
Jeff Elliott (Florida Times-Union): Jacksonville Open marks return of PWBA
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier & Press): Teen-ager’s 299 a nice follow-up to perfect game
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): No more delays — Sand to make pro debut today
AMF national bowl-a-thon to benefit New York City police, firefighters and rescue workers
Don Ruiz (Tacoma News Tribune): PBA's new spin
Henry Ford suffers "massive stroke"
Climbing out of the gutter
Brothers elected to Va. State Hall of Fame
Johnson rolls perfect game for ninth PWBA victory
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Tragedy shakes SAWBA's agenda
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Rare session: Women's trio league rolls trio of 300s
Fred Mann (Wichita Eagle): PBA will try to reschedule Wichita event
NCABA, WDCAWBA Halls of Fame to welcome five new members
NCABA announces new office hours
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): New lanes open in Monroeville
Ryan Reynolds (Evansville Courier & Press): Bowler strikes back after mastectomy
NCABA adds three directors to board
Leonard Ruble (Florida Times-Union): Sport bowling tougher than the real thing
Lyndal Scranton (Springfield News-Leader): 300: ‘Just shocking’
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): All-Star Classic should get respect it deserves
Walt Steinsiek (Vero Beach Press Journal): Luman answers challenge with his perfect game
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Sellers 'Pete' Classic winner
Schultz, DeLuna win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Debate continues over lane conditions
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): U.S. Open agreement satisfies women tour members
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Mazza, Wray-Warnock headline Hall inductees
PWBA obtains licensing rights to Women's U.S. Open
ABC reinstates 30 area bowlers
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Dalkin earns writers award
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): PWBA gets own show, drops U.S. Open boycott
Lemerise wins scratch marathon at Fort Meade
Update: Suspended Area Bowlers
Linda Davis (Contra Costa Times): 250 pay tribute to Earl Anthony
PWBA and BPAA reach tentative agreement on 2001 U.S. Open participation
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): This game belonged to Earl
Don Wright: Putting our game into perspective
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Here's why Anthony was the real Earl the Pearl
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Anthony 'was a legend, a bowling icon'
Chip Mundy (Michigan Live): Anthony will be remembered as bowling's greatest lefty
Jacqueline Seibel (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Anthony died from head injury
Art Kabelowsky (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): The loss of a legend
Henry Fankhauser (Prince George's Journal): Tequila Rose winners disqualified
Earl Anthony dead at 63
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): City champion questions decision of tour members
Gore wins Youth Scratch Shoot-Out
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): U.S. Open is under fire
President Thomas Allen: Groundwork set for many changes to come
Executive Director Ray Brothers: New beginning at NCABA office
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Prize structure is at center of controversy
BPAA response to the U.S. Open - PWBA issue
PWBA touring players vote
to sidestep 2001 BPAA U.S. Open

Cecilia Oleck (Detroit Free Press): PAL's program is right up their alley
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bowlers win on tough lanes in Troy
Emily Biuso (Cincinnati Enquirer): Bowling shoes walking away from alleys
Diane Jennings (Dallas Morning News): Rolling with the times: German culture helps preserve ninepin bowling
James Walker (Atlanta Journal-Constitution): Israeli girls, top bowler share gold medal glory in Maccabi Games
Doug Crise (Log Cabin Democrat): Conway bowling hits the small screen
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Two tournaments at one Troy locale
The Star (Asia): Third victory for Nadri
The Star (Asia): Jackson falls in first round
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): "Thumbless" bowler wins Mid-States Masters championship
NCABA past president dies
Terry Rombeck (Lawrence Journal-World): Union renovation leaves fewer options for bowling fun
Rick Press (Fort Worth Star-Telegram): Seniority and a smile bowl 'em over at Cowtown
YABA membership increases during 2000-2001 season
Walt Steinsiek (Vero Beach Press Journal): PBA charity event coming to Melbourne
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): PWBA concludes summer schedule
Dallas Kadry (Modesto Bee): Scoring record over 4 games Taylor-made
As anticipated, parent of AMF Bowling Worldwide files voluntary Chapter 11 petition
Christy Campbell (Roanoke Times): Bowling helps keep these seniors rolling
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier & Press): Dorin-Ballard speaks to ear that understands
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier & Press): For this grind, you must love the game
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): When you could hear a pin drop
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): Pro and amateur learn from each other
Kevin Miller (Roanoke Times): Tech center rejuvenates spirit in senior citizens
Update: The Mailbag
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Freshman pulls off major upset
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): PWBA's Johnson reaches milestone
Jerry Passan (Star-Ledger): Dorin-Ballard's garbled gab translates into success
Tarr among five elected to Hall of Fame
Dallas Kadry (Modesto Bee): Woman leads main prize list for tourney
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowling not just for the guys
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Hartsfield Memorial gets rolling for scholarships
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Bigger purse will propel PBA Tour hither and yon
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): PBA releases fall schedule
Sharon Robb (South Florida Sun-Sentinel): Don Carter among six to be honored
Coca-Cola Championships conclude with six new champions
Update: Asian Youth Championships
Jim Hook (Daily Southtown): Teen bowler taking his talents to London
Dallas Kadry (Modesto Bee): Too many organizations are weighing down sport
John Jowdy: Sport Bowling?
Don Wright: Language lessons
Bowlers smash two records at Asian Youth Championships
Craig Garrett (Detroit News): Bowler battles smoke
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): Support helps Norman, who comes in 2nd
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): It's win or go home in pro tour match play
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Dorin-Ballard's quest stopped
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Aussie wins Sport Bowling Challenge
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Dorin sisters make finals, don't mind the rivalry
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Pain gone, Belleville's Bishop still rolling on
Eric Stern (St. Louis Post-Dispatch): Future of the Bowling Hall of Fame is clouded by plan for new stadium
Tom Robinson (Virginian-Pilot): It hasn't all been smooth, but bowling keeps rolling
George Sipple (Detroit Free Press): Jersey pro steady as she goes
Bev Eckman (Detroit News): Sill can appreciate bowling back home
Filipinos a threat to bowlers' chase for gold at SEA Games
Bowler hits jackpot in Las Vegas tourney
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Player of year in Dorin-Ballard's reach
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): World Cup might set record
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): New system aims to restore integrity to game
SEA Games: Gerald masters the lane
Vietnamese bowlers on learning mission
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): No tourney titles, but two are big winners
Joe Stiglich (Contra Costa Times): Laub follows hot streak to PBA title
Lee Diekemper (Tampa Tribune): Youth camps plant seeds for bowlers of the future
Chuck Woodling (Lawrence Journal-World): 'Tweaked' forearm shelves city bowler
Clarissa Aljentera (Contra Costa Times): Morton remains on roll with his lucky ball
AMF Bowling Worldwide files voluntary Chapter 11 petition to facilitate major financial restructuring
Carolyn, Carolyn: Dorin-Ballard repeats
Area bowlers perform well at WIBC Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): College bowling a sleeping giant
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Alamo City's Hartzler waits
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Detroit, Flint greats honored
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Triangle Lanes shapes up with latest technologies
Tom Steighorst (Florida Sun-Sentinel): Women bowlers spend $35 million in Broward during championship
Georgiana Vines (Knoxville News-Sentinel): Convention center on schedule
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): "Wrong foot" Cabanaw wins second Mid-States title
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): An above-average season
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Dorin-Ballard naps 13th professional title
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Neff rolls way to title
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Detroit's Bembow rolls a 300 in WIBC Tournament
Marc David (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Kansan rolls with degree of success
Henry Fankhauser (The Journal): White House bowlers do it again
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Much left to settle at Junior Masters tourney
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Disabled bowlers welcomed
Waldorf team new leaders at WIBC Tournament
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Professional women bowlers plan tour stop in Detroit
President Vince Jozwiak: The season ends, but the work continues
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Burke and Falls Church to host 2002 NCABA Tournament
Richard Kolb: Buffalo bowlers are the Cream of the Crop
Ray Brothers: NCABA Tournament champions saluted
PWBA adopts new amateur participation guidelines
Barila, Hancock win Vegas trips at Bowl America's Star of Year Tournament
Californian becomes first woman to shoot 300 in ABC Tournament
Darrin Hill (Detroit News Online): All City and Senior All City teams named
Maynard, Prevette, Rudloff, and Ward win Bowl America Youth of the Year titles
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): For Roth, life begins all over again at 50
Jim Goodwin: Who really won the WIBC Senior Queens?
Don Wright: These things are true—aren't they?
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Buenrostro hasn't lost his touch
Larry Woody (The Tennessean): Hendersonville lanes to get tougher for pro event in fall
"On The Go Girls" take lead at WIBC Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): League's job is never done
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): GDBA Hall of famer wins second Queens title
BWAA selects May's best bowler
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): PBA welcomes back dissenter
Scott Sharp (The Oklahoman): Pro bowling tour gaining respect
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Ready to step up to No. 1
Terry Wood (Seattle Times): Roth rolls into Seattle for Senior Tour stop
Leonard Ruble (Florida Times-Union): Summer is perfect time to sharpen skills
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Irish eyes smiled upon Mid-States Masters tourney winner
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Dallas veteran Pierce upsets top seed for his first PBA title
Joe Goddard (Chicago Sun-Times): Pierce soars past Eagle for first PBA title
Patricia Clayton (News Tribune): One-pin win nets bowling split
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Local bowlers sweep Rhodman
Brothers elected to Va. State Hall of Fame
Walt Steinsiek (Vero Beach Press Journal): Mixup leads to "two" final rounds at WIBC Seniors event
Joe Goddard (Chicago Sun-Times): Roth tries his skills on PBA Senior Tour
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Eustis Lanes closes after 40 years
Joe Goddard (Chicago Sun-Times) Still rolling along
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): After 50 years bowling, Semiz's star still shines
Rick Press (Fort Worth Star-Telegram): Bowling with Deepak Chopra can get your mind out of the gutter
Gersh Kuntzman (New York Post): Bowled-over Brooklynites in the gutter again
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier): Freshmen setting the pace for top collegiate bowling teams
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Bonding programs protect league funds
First trip to ABC has good results for "Goodladies"
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Castaneda enters Texas Hall
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): A Major triumph for Sullins
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Pro game back on the airwaves
Shockley is wizard of winners on pro tours
New Yorker hits jackpot at ABC Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): More stability for pro tour
M.F. Piraino (Syracuse Online): Glass rolls to PBA Senior win
Bowman stops Gill to win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out
Evan Tuchinsky (Island Empire Online): Pro bowling comes back live, keeps up with times
Jeffrey Parson (Wichita Eagle): Deal with ESPN may be just what PBA needs
Ross Devonport (South Florida South-Sentinel): Long road ahead for WIBC defending Queens champ
Natalia Oreshina (Moscow Times): Movie halls, bowling alleys are all the rage
Two-time Firestone champ dead at 55
Fifth ABC 900 recorded
Mr. Bowling comes to Reno
PBA and ESPN announce new exclusive agreement
Jack Wilkinson (Atlanta Journal-Constitution): Perfect games aren't all that unusual for Braves pitcher John Burkett in his other favorite sport, bowling
M.F. Piraino (Syracuse Online): At 50, Roth still racks 'em up
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): De Chalus is first black to head bowling group
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Ten titles put AMF/Turbo among elite
M.F. Piraino (Syracuse Online): PBA Senior Tour stops here first
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Western Illinois, Nebraska prevail
Racine (Wis.) bowler shoots 18 300 games in season
John Jowdy: Jowdy's Bermanisms for 2001
Larry Woody (The Tennesean): Pro bowling tourney set at Hendersonville
Rajes Paul (The Star): NSC to rope in Hall for SEA Games bowling team
Hoffman/Ward & Ridgleys capture titles at Sports Plus/Carmen Don Youth/Adult Classic
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Legendary Don Carter still going strong at 74
Local duo wins Tequila Rose Mixed Doubles Tournament
Leonard Ruble (Florida Times-Union): Taylor rolls women's city series record
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Efforts of four San Antonio bowlers made it hard to watch TV
Darrin Hill (Detroit News): Zajac uses quick pit stop to win Mid-States Masters tourney
Kelly Jones (Modesto Bee): Modesto boy, 10, youngest in state to bowl 300 game
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Roth's pro tour mark unlikely to be broken
Shirley Leung (Wall Street Journal): Dressed to the 9s in stolen bowling shoes
Farley wins 600 Club T of C
Harlin Matkins: Take aim to score more
Doris Shepherd to retire from WDCAWBA board
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): ABC will return to Corpus Christi
Freshmen win BWAA's Collegiate Bowler of the Year Awards
Lori Griffin (Lincoln Journal Star): Husker duo not letting bowling team down
Gray Ransom: Lefties vs. Righties Tournament 2001
William Yardley (Miami Herald): Bowling, not sun, lures thousands to area
Dave Heeren (South Florida Sun-Sentinel): Brace for 72 days of bowling
Dick Denny (Indianapolis Star): Aulby's youth influenced by Teen Travelers league
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Women ready to talk bowling
Hervey Pean (Atlanta Journal-Constitution): Fire takes out East Point bowling alley
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Father's advice pays off
President Vince Jozwiak: Local and national meetings bring changes
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Tournament underway; final averages deadline: June 20
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): TV bowling takes time off
Abbott wins 600 Club Spring Singles Tournament
Mike Belt (Lawrence Journal-World): Bowling fund-raiser strikes it rich
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Women's team more than holding its own
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Graham sizzles in ABC event
Mass. bowler claims candlepin record
Don Wright: ABC Hall induction ceremony is a memorable event
Entries still available for ABC Masters
Price, Brownie win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Rajes Paul ( We're glad that Moore quit, says Nathan
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): ABC looks into merging groups
Two teams win $250 bonus as NCABA Championship Tournament begins
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Dorin-Ballard leading effort to sell high school bowling
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Still cashing in after all these years
(Star-Ledger): Boys bowling coach of year Domino savors Passaic's best season
Virtual Stuckeyville: A salute to NBC's "Ed"
Welcome to Stuckeyville: The first "Ed" fan page
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowling balls go corporate
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Urbanek earns city and state honors
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): High school programs growing in popularity
Richard Kolb: Couch comes home to win The Villages Open
Betsy Hart (Jewish World Review): Plan now for your daughter's athletic scholarship
Maddox, Bush win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
16 are left in BWAA's Collegiate Bowler of the Year Award race
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Hall of Fame calls Mariani
(Contra Costa Times): Lawn bowling East-ender sees bowling balls as striking art
Donnie Webb ( Masters contestants carry 'extra' help
Kulick, Hoffman repeat as BWAA Amateur Bowlers of the Year
Joe Norris Memorial Fund established
Dagwood's Young wins Spencer's BWAA Cartoonist Award
Corpus Christi gets 2006 ABC Tourney
Jim Goodwin: PBA president strikes out: In bowling, that's a good thing
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): All bowling, all the time
Jim Goodwin: Organizations shouldn't let outdated or unfair policies diminish Hall of Fame integrity
600-700 Scratch Doubles Tournament Official Results released
Louisiana school seeks bowlers; scholarships possible
2001 VIR-MAR-DISTRICT YABA Invitational finalist bios
Tom Clark ( Technology, conditions dilute pros' true skill
John Jowdy: Are happy days here again?
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): ABC tourney: A beloved ritual still rolling on
Jim Wyckoff (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette): Little Rock's Gibson sets national all events record
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Coming through like a champ
Tom Robinson (Virginian Pilot): Going legit costs bowling hustler some big bucks
Richard Kolb: Will NBC give "ED" a chance?
BWAA Bowler of the Month is unanimous choice
Jim Wyckoff (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette): Reminiscing with one of bowling's greats
Paul Pfeifer (The News Sun): Morning keglers: Moms on strikes
Director Rodger Bourne recovering from "mild heart attack"
Tom Clark ( Ten-frame plan will restore hope in bowling's future
Thomas Allen elected president for 2001-02
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Norris leaves lasting legacy
Richard Burton (Orlando Sentinel): Couch wins Villages title
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Hall of Famer made mark over 7 amazing decades
Alaska's Sean Rash named 2001 ABC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow
Seminole Tribe Museum partners with WIBC for 2001 WIBC Championship Tournament
Dallas Kadry (Modesto Bee): Cracked ball still has life
Tom Clark ( Left-handers' success stories an oily issue in PBA
Bowling legend Joe Norris dead at 93
ABC team game, series records set
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowlers rolling to merge groups
Reagan daughter smuggled bowling ball from White House Lanes
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Duke, Macpherson top All-America vote
Harlin Matkins: My ideal bowling drill: The one-step delivery
Stephen Weeks (Savannah Morning News): Hinesville bowler looks to move into the next frame
Mark Hines (Daily Herald-Tribune): Bobby-Lyn West is a real bowling aficionado
Tom Clark ( Bowling still seeking a Tiger on the tour
Reutell and Strickland win 600 Club Doubles Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Showboat loses showcase event
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Organizations may act to thin alphabet soup
Rose wins $25,000 in Vegas
John Jowdy: Two different sports, two different mentalities
Richard Kolb: Brazeau fivesome wins Battle of Ocala as BWTC faces extinction
Jim Goodwin: International bowling organizations could learn from U.S. presidential election
Don Wright: Bowler of the Year voting leaves one writer confused
Hall of Famer scores perfect game
Tom Clark ( Sudden-death format produces unmatched drama
SEC ends AMF investigation
AMF-sponsored "Battle at Little Creek" set for Virginia Beach Feb. 27-March 4
Black, Hoffman win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
O'Shields, McNeil capture Invitational titles
Chuck Pezzano (The Record) New T-Bowl has a proud tradition to follow
President Vince Jozwiak: Delegates provide legislative guidance at annual meeting
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Members should ask: Will my league be represented on Feb. 25?
Bowling membership leaders to take Single Membership Organization concept to boards, delegates
John Jowdy: Rebel with a cause
AMF to close area center
Tom Clark ( Weighing in on bowling's Great Debate
John Jowdy: New senior event has promising future
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Aulby a legend in the making
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Hartsfield is perfect in taking first pro title
Victoria Sun (Las Vegas Sun): Shafer bowls way to Orleans crown
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Journal-Review): PBA's Shafer still hot after breakthrough in Las Vegas last year
Victoria Sun (Las Vegas Sun): Pro bowler beat long odds in return to tour
Tom Clark ( Revamped tour isn't ready for prime time
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): American Bowling Congress pins hopes on Twister
VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Invitational results: Division A / Round 2
VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Invitational results: Division B / Round 2
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Portalatin rolls historic series
VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Invitational results: Division A / Round 1
VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Invitational results: Division B / Round 1
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): PBA making changes for the better
Jorge L. Ortiz (San Francisco Chronicle): PBA tries to put end to spare times
Aspiras, Esterson capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): Bowlers help family during difficult time
Tom Clark (USA Today): Bowling for respect
Tom Clark (USA Today): Intensity is trademark of Pete Weber
Dan Mitchell (Business 2.0): A Microsofty goes bowling
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Plenty of buzz in TV bowling
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Duke named year's best
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Life after tour fits Mazza well
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Powerful Glass continues to dominate Senior Tour
(The Daily Yomiuri): Snow causes bowling alley roof to collapse
Dorin-Ballard to guest host "The X Show"
Glass wins ABC Senior Masters
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): A bowling team that's pure fiction
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Chamberlain gave it a go after car reinjured his knee
Duke voted BWAA Male Bowler of the Year
ABC/WIBC Joint Diversity Committee looking for volunteers
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Slight imperfection doesn't diminish record
Macpherson voted BWAA Woman Bowler of the Year
Jim Goodwin: Roger to the Rescue (Interview of ABC Executive Director Roger Dalkin, Part Two)
R.A. Dillon (Anchorage Daily News): Avid bowler fights to save Bethel's six-lane business
Frazier Moore (AP): Stand-in bowling alley enjoys life in the fast lane
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Kulick makes good on promise
Gary Bower elected to ABC Hall of Fame
Jackson man rolls the ultimate: A perfect 900 series
Chip Mundy (Jackson Citizen Patriot): Jackson bowler makes history
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Michigan bowler records 900 series
(Jackson Citizen Patriot): "900" shooter earlier featured as "Bowler of the Week"
Ed Reddy (Syracuse Online): Feldman nominated for Bowler of Year
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): She bowled them over
Rochelle Olson (Star Tribune): Bowling party provides Christmas Day diversion
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): One of the good guys receives a Hall of a vote
Gary D'Amato (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Alley fighter strikes it big
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Broadcast crew a hit for Champs
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Evans' wins certainly noteworthy
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Norton, Kulick capture national amateur titles
John Vellante (Boston Globe): Candlepin bowling is right up their alley
Price, Birnbeck win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Glass named top PBA senior
Gregory Schutta (The Record): He's rolling right along
Gene Johnson (AP): Saving pro bowling no charity mission for rich Seattle trio
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Wedding bells won't alter Grijalva's plan to bowl target score
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Women bowlers qualify for best
Holiday E-cards available at
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): San Antonio Hall to induct two
Jim Goodwin: To be a bowler—or just someone who bowls?
Aulby elected to ABC Hall; Pete Weber falls short
Jim Goodwin: Roger to the Rescue (Interview of ABC Executive Director Roger Dalkin, Part One)
Jeff Wolfe (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Texas Station unveils 60-lane bowling center
Storm launches E-commerce site
John Jowdy: New event a treat for bowling
Wallace wins PBA Senior event at Shirley Park
Barry Farley (Orlando Sentinel): PBA Tour to stop at The Villages
Blind people may bowl competitively by 2008
Jay Stockman (Evansville Courier & Press): PBA Player of Year election will be hard
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Top player race too close to call
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): There's no place like home for Old Timers' champion
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Davidson wins roll-off, collects PBA event title
BWAA announces Bowler of the Month
For the record: Senior Tournament prize list changes
John Jowdy: PBA's new leaders must restore prestige to its traditions
NCABA director honored with USA Bowling award
John Jowdy: No news is good news
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Jones eyes high score in Champs
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): A rookie with a storied past
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Beechview man reaches his goal
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Roosevelt junior falls four pins short of mark
Jim Goodwin: Can coaches stop athletes' bad behavior?
President Vince Jozwiak: Concepts may change game on and off the lanes
Executive Director Ray Brothers: BVL Kickoff: All had a good time for a good cause
Dick Evans: Paula Carter to speak up for WIBC, PWBA at writers' luncheon
Joe Minster (Cincinnati Post): No spare for Fehr in clutch
Dick Evans: Pet peeves
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Ruling to benefit high schoolers
Joe Minster (Cincinnati Post): Hoinke champ has tough road to a repeat
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Urbanek sets event record at women's city tourney
Yarborough-White duo wins 600 Club Doubles Tournament
Kellie Taylor (Cincinnati Post): Giant pot draws international bowling field
Dick Evans: PWBA looking for new home in Nevada
Schools in three states ponder adding bowling as a varsity sport
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): World Cup sets entries record
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Peters quietly in the mix
John Maher (Austin American-Statesman): Software wiz pins hopes on energizing dreary PBA and striking it big
Les Harvath (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review): For senior bowlers: It's more than just knocking down the pins
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Honoring vets a full-time job
Jeff Wollard (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Davidson rolls to title in hometown
Maryland Eastern Shore overpowers field at MEAC Championships
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Consecutive 800s appear a record
Bill Brioux (Toronto Sun): "Ed" added to Wednesday night star line-up
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Fall puts chill on pro-am turnout
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Couch grabs T of C title for second year in a row
Deanna Brie Goodwin (Foster's Online): Bowling gives kids a chance to shine
Bowling, songfests as campaign nears end
Anderson, Martin capture Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Dick Evans: Gerberich resignation, Brunswick cuts cast pall over PBA Hall's dinner
BVL Kickoff Tournament raises over $6,500
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Champions feel the pressure in world tourney
Leonard A. Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): League newcomer Parsons is on a roll
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Everything left but the pins
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Game is labor of love for Teubert
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun Times): Brunswick adds Ballard, world stars
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Women's city tournament opens next weekend
Reed Schreck (Rockford Register Star): Grijalva takes Hammer
Entry totals strong for 98th ABC Tournament
Dale Bowman (Chicago Sun-Times): Miller helps bring PBA Tour to area
Ed Glennon (Rockford Register Star): Macpherson rolls into lead
BWAA selects October's best bowler
Matt Trowbridge (Rockford Register Star): Barnes catches fire at Hammer
England pair wins gold at world youth championships
Dick Evans: ABC's Dalkin to compete in two major events
Emily Aldrich (Rockford Register Star): Grijalva takes tourney lead
Ed Glennon (Rockford Register Star): Woman bowler aims for history in Hammer
Matthew McCann Fenton (New York Daily News): Balls and Strikes
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): High rollers strike big all across the country
M.F. Piraino (Syracuse Online): Nine cities bidding for 2006 ABC Tourney
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Munhall man strikes it big
(Los Angeles Times): City moves on bowling options
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Schools are on a roll to bowl
Chuck Woodling (Lawrence Journal-World): Glass takes Tour break
Updated ABC awards listing
Updated WIBC awards listing
Updated YABA awards listing
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Williams back among the elite
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Western Pa. Interscholastic Bowling League grows to 18 teams
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Three enter WIBC Hall of Fame
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Odd names? DAC has it all covered
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Dorin-Ballard claims Open title
Don Munsch (Amarillo Globe-News): Striking out—alone
ABC to use Twister Pin in 2001 Championships
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Dorin at home as No. 5
M.F. Piraino (Syracuse Online): Sacco follows 300 with another one
Les Harvarth (Tribune-Review): Senior bowler still scattering pins
Steve Thompson (Topeka Capital-Journal): Bowling is the right zone for Bohn
What is the Bowlers to Veterans Link?
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Toeing the line can be a foul call
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Dorin to defend Three Rivers Open title
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Williams ends drought, extends winning streak
Ed bowls over competition
Jill Radsken (Boston Herald): From geek to chic: Designers strike while bowling is in fashion
Invention helps members of bowling club for the blind
Funeral arrangements set for Hall of Famer's mother
Merrill wins 600 Club Tournament
President Vince Jozwiak: Association assistance available when needed
Executive Director Ray Brothers: This season, your sanction card literally is "in the mail"
Pros to visit Shirley Park in December
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Olympic effort still falls short
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Johnson ends drought with South Carolina win
Scribes choose September's best bowler
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Dagwood in bowling Hall
Bayes, Bowman win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Bell, Bush advance to 2000 USA Bowling Championships
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): New leadership guiding the PBA
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Former Nike executives to take PBA Tour reins
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): PBA adds 2 ex-Nike marketers
Dick Evans: Bowling's greatest recall days as pin boys
NCABA individual, team series records set
Former Nike executives to run PBA
Dick Evans: Carter convalescing after open heart surgery
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Top money maker no longer on a roll
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Japan Cup win streak continues for Bohn
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Jackson raises roof for Seniors
Demian Bulwa (San Francisco Examiner): Nothing spared at Japantown
Demian Bulwa (San Francisco Examiner): Japantown Bowl supporters still hope to stop Wednesday close
M.F. Piraino (Syracuse Online): Syracuse takes aim on pocketing ABC Tournament
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): This sport is right up their alley
Phil Axelrod (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): Dorin hoping for rare repeat
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): San Antonio bowlers lauded
David Filipov (Boston Globe): Fast lanes in Russia
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Even you could be in this yearbook
John Jowdy: AMF Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas continues to flourish
Georgiana Vines (Knoxville News-Sentinel): American Bowling Congress sites readied for 2003 roll out
Stacey Wilkins (CNN): Shoes to bowl you over
Dick Evans: "Babe of the Day" may become "Bowler of the Year"
Dave Heeren (Sun-Sentinel): It's no way to get rich quick
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bohn's career is far from over
Elizabeth Shaw (Flint Journal): Father, sons have ball bowling together
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Buenrostro misses spare — and $9,000
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): A fab name for a team: Fiorito Five
Jerry Hicks (Los Angeles Times): Bowling can do a number on body
Jim Fitzgerald to be inducted into PBA Hall of Fame
Youth Masters National Finals results
Cecil Angel (Detroit Free Press): Fred Wolf: Top bowler, broadcaster set records
Dodge elected to NCABA Hall of Fame
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Paying a price for progress
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Teen bowling for tuition cash
Janet Moore (Star Tribune): Bowling alley leads revamp of megamall's 'eatertainment'
Ilene Lelchuk (San Francisco Examiner): Supes asked to spare Japantown Bowl
Aaron McFarling (Roanoke Times): Direction for bowler Butch East: off the charts
John Jowdy: U.S. Open reflections
Patrick McGeehan (New York Times): Tale of bad timing at AMF: Silk stockings and bowling shoes
Writers choose July's top bowler
PBA Spare Shots
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): WIBC, ABC tournament would look good in NJ
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Dorin-Ballard dominates, but ends up second
2000 Coca-Cola® Youth Bowling Championships results
Shawn Spence (Danville Register & Bee): Macpherson strikes again
Demian Bulwa (San Francisco Examiner): Bowlers protest closure plan for Japantown lanes
Three elected to NCABA Hall of Fame
Shawn Spence (Danville Register & Bee): Dorin-Ballard keeps lead
Jim Wyckoff (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette): Wichita bowler captures Southwest/Midwest Open
Shawn Spence (Danville Register & Bee): Just looking to be shown the money
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Tournaments most beneficial
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Hall of Fame celebrates teen's 838 series
Taylor, Buttery funeral arrangements set
Update: Outstanding final average sheets (07/14)
Dick Evans: New National Airlines gives Las Vegas bowling a new look
2000 PBA National Tour Winter/Summer recap
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Using both his arms gives bowler a leg up
BOWL Magazine Interview: Bruce Merriman
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Columbia honors sons of former touring pros
Louie Arias and Pauline Vu (Orange County Register): Brea bowler a smashing success
Steve Thompson (Topeka Capital Journal): Topeka gets new lanes
Phil Anderson (Topeka Capital-Journal): Topekan marks 95 with friends, bowling
John Jowdy: PBA players make costly mistake in skipping Masters
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowlers raise millions for veterans hospitals
Demian Bulwa (San Francisco Examiner): Japantown Bowl won't be spared, owners say
Bowman, McDonnell win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
10 great places for strikes and spares
Koivuniemi masters BWAA balloting
Doug Doughty (Roanoke Times): Lanes lost, but memories won't split
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): A visit to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): $2 million in prizes attracts 53,400 bowlers
Don Wright: Letters. I get letters.
Shafer makes early bid for PBA Player of the Year honors with Wichita victory
Duane Frazier (Wichita Eagle): Shafer remains steady
MSN to sponsor PBA event in Tucson
Duane Frazier (Wichita Eagle): Bohn hits his stride to lead field
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Ailing Sullins can rest on 243 league average
Kimberly O'Brien (Roanoke Times): Patrons bowled over by lane's closing
Executive Director Ray Brothers: Laurel and Crofton to host 2001 NCABA Championship Tournament
President George Yarborough: Late league finishes shouldn't delay final average submissions
Duane Frazier (Wichita Eagle): Williams working on ending his frustration
Joanna Chadwick (Wichita Eagle): Bowler is back where it all started
Constance Sommer (Los Angeles Times): 'Glow Bowling' Keeps the Good Times Rolling
Kathleen O'Steen (Los Angeles Times): Memory lane concept works for small alley
Michelle Pentz (Albuquerque Journal): Perfect game
Duane Frazier (Wichita Eagle): Barnes ready for big-time bowling
(Wichita Eagle): 2000 PBA Top 10 money leaders
(Billings Gazette): Truckloads of bowling gear starting to arrive in Billings
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): A huge victory for Koivuniemi
Joe Hawk (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Splits again turn roll by Green Valley's Baker into ruin
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Bowled over by victory
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Win by Finn kept Weber from reaching milestones
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Senior bowler reframes career
Priya Pathiyan (The Times of India): The pro-bowling bug's all set to bite
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): PBA getting out of gutter
Steve Addy (Las Vegas Sun): Bowling with a byte
ABC Tournament summary
PBA Tour Spare Shots
Rick Wright (Albuquerque Journal): Challenge is in doing and in watching, too
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowl Expo will touch on all aspects of industry
Leonard A. Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union) Kuchler is YABA youth leader of year
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Seriously, Pedersen doing TV
Mandy Castello (Syracuse Online): Bowling keeps 92-year-old fit
Richard Stevens (Albuquerque Tribune): ABC kingpin is ready for a respite from bowling
Pete Weber looking to make history at ABC Masters
Glen Rosales (Albuquerque Journal): Miller-Mackie makes history
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): San Antonio bowlers sweep up six TSBA titles at tournament
Mark Gibson (Terre Haute Star-Tribune): Charge to the top
Hall of Famer Lewis cashes at ABC Masters
PWBA Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open results
Mark Gibson (Terre Haute Tribune-Star): Battling back to top
NCABA releases revised All Events prize list
Andy Amey (Terre Haute Tribune-Star): Bowlers hope to create great new memories
Hank Steuver (Washington Post): Pro bowling taps the tech world
Glen Rosales (Albuquerque Journal): Millers hope to master field
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Museum good use of spare time
(Los Angeles Times): Commission votes to delay demolition of Holiday Bowl
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): 14-year-old rolls perfect game after long layoff
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Classic leagues end classic season
Ed Reddy (Syracuse Online): Feldman scores gritty victory in Omaha
Martin, Aspiras win Youth Scratch Shoot-Out titles
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Bowling village project looking for new location
Bob Knudson (Omaha World-Herald): Bowler beats injury, claims Omaha Open title
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Layoff helps Soper succeed
Mike McLaughlin (Seattle Post-Intelligencer): Soper cleans up at PBA Seattle Open
PBA Spare Shots
Bob Knudson (Omaha World-Herald): Feldman earns Omaha Open's top seed
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Sand, White reign as Detroit royalty
Soper unstoppable; wins first senior title in Seattle
PBA announces Fox Sports Net broadcast team
Darren Ivy (Omaha World-Herald): Million-dollar bowler struggles to adjust
Kris Epley (Grand Island Independent): 'We were all afraid we were going to die'
Terry Wood (Seattle Times): For Sanford, there's treasure everywhere
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Most pin marks are out of reach
Ed Reddy (Syracuse Online): CNY women bowlers find success out west
Leonard A. Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Mandarin senior sets YABA series record
WIBC Queens results
Canadian bowlers ready to roll
Mike Pernell (Beaufort Gazette): High scores, lane dressing the talk in HealthSouth league start
George Lane (Denver Post): Wayne Todd: Bowling's "Lane Ranger"
Bernie Kapp: Brown conquers Ultimate Scratch Challenge
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): ESPN2 covers PWBA spring tour
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Village dream detoured again
Leonard A. Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Nevitt beats an all-time great for PBA crown
Clinton man makes Top 10 at ABC Tournament
The System of Bowling's latest initiative: Sport Bowling
Bowling Inc. ends involvement with Florida World Bowling Village project
Harry Page (San Antonio Express-News): Team claims emotional win
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): MSBA Hall is next step in Wolf's pioneering career
PWBA Bowl the Rogue Open results
Central Pa. PBA Senior Open results
Gwenn Miller (Reading Eagle/Times): Blough saddened by Colonial Hills’ demise
NCABA Hall of Famer dies
Dick Evans: Emotional PWBA telecast a winner on all fronts
ACU-I collegiate bowlers score big
Jim Krupka (Morning Call): Frankie May will have home-lanes advantage
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Saturday TV not same without PBA
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Foul line still prompts questions
Carl Kaminski (Topeka Capital-Journal): Bowling tournament to wrap up
Matt Fiorito (Detroit Free Press): Masterful title defense for Evans
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Bowlers roll to emotional doubles title
(Billings Gazette): Westberg rolls 300 game at ABC
NCABA director dies
Bill supporting World Bowling Village fails to pass Florida legislature
Steve Thompson (Topeka Capital Journal): Topekan bowls way to national collegiate title
Paul Delean (Montreal Gazette): Opportunity strikes
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Field set for finals in women's bowling
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): On a long, prosperous roll
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): New York bowler can't explain hex
Jeff Wolf (Las Vegas Review-Journal): Macpherson, Adler aim for bowling title at home
Season ends but streak doesn't at RTR Classic
Kent Lowe (The Advocate): Bowling friends meet at national tournament
Gore repeats at Youth Scratch Shoot-Out
David R. Tuell Jr. (Seattle Times): My take: Look for resurgence in bowling
Tim Noonan (South China Morning Post): Great news for all you ten-pin bowling fans out there
Chuck Pezzano (The Record): Hall of Fame inductees are part of rich tradition
Leonard Ruble Jr. (Florida Times-Union): Casino captures first senior tourney