Mike Marsico / Brandon Duncan

Invitational finalist mini-bios

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A DIVISION (165 average and above)

1. MIKE MARSICO, 17, Owings, Md. 219 average home center: Lord Calvert Bowl high sanctioned game/series: 300/793 senior at Northern High School future plans: pro bowler enjoys friends, basketball, chat fourth Invitational, placed sixth last year bowling goal: "shoot an 800" bowling rates a "10" in importance in my life favorite food: mac 'n cheese / beverage: Sprite / fast food restaurant: Subway / TV show: PBA telecasts / movie: Happy Gilmore

2. ERIC HELMRICH, 16, Saint Leonard, Md. 205 average Lord Calvert Bowl 296/747 future plans include college hobbies: marching band, karate (second degree black belt) third Invitational, made it to third round in 2003 goal: "shoot 300" bowling rates a "7" famous person I'd like to be for a day: Bill Gates pizza / milk / Pizza Hut / Linkin Park / "Saturday Night Live" / Liar Liar

3. SAPACHAI PAPEE, 19, Alexandria, Va. 222 average Bowl America Woodbridge has rolled a perfect game freshman at Northern Virginia Community College future plans include business enjoys golf second Invitational, placed fourth in 2003 hopes to shoot an 800 series bowling rates an "8" Tiger Woods enjoys all kinds of food / pink lemonade with raspberry ice tea / Taco Bell / Boyz II Men / buys Nike products / "Fear Factor" / 2 Fast 2 Furious

4. ERIC FISHER, 18, Waldorf, Md. 196 average AMF Waldorf 300/743 senior at Westlake High School plans to get a job while in college football, basketball third Invitational, placed fifth in 2002 "shoot an 800 series" bowling rates a "9" pizza / fruit punch / McDonald's / 2Pac / buys PlayStation games / "The Simpsons" / Blade II

5. ALONSO "AJ" KINNEY JR., 16, Suitland, Md. 179 average AMF Marlow Heights 278/696 sophomore at Bishop McNamara High School future plans: "degree in accounting and the PBA Tour" football, basketball, dancing, singing second Invitational goal is to bowl a perfect game bowling rates a "10" Walter Ray Williams Jr. pizza, chicken / Sprite / Red Lobster / Ludacris / "My Wife and Kids" / Drum Line

6. SHAUN MINICK, 22, Washington, D.C. 196 average AMF Marlow Heights 300/786 senior at Morgan State University obtain my accounting degree this spring and become an auditor enjoys watching football seventh Invitational, won A Division in 2003 goal: win Junior Olympic Gold Nationals bowling rates an "8" Hugh Hefner chicken / iced tea / McDonald's / Jay-Z / buys Nike products / "SportsCenter" / JFK / espn.com

7. ROBERT ROWE, 19, Woodbridge, Va. 191 average Bowl America Woodbridge 300 (2)/797 sophomore at Northern Virginia Community College plans to transfer to George Mason University cars & video games & girlfriend fourth Invitational, placed third in 2001 bowling goal: "shoot 800" bowling rates an "8" Mika Koivunemi pizza / Mountain Dew Code Red / Subway / The Offspring / uses Brunswick bowling balls / "The Simpsons" / The Matrix / ebay.com

8. ANGELO LYLES, 20, Temple Hills, Md. 186 average AMF Marlow Heights 300/781 sophomore at Prince George's Community College plans to get a degree in criminal justice enjoys watching TV and basketball seventh Invitational, placed sixth in 2003 bowling rates a "7" Jay-Z pizza / fruit punch / TGI Friday's / Jay-Z / buys Columbia bowling products / "The Simpsons" / Madea's Family Reunion

B DIVISION (150 to 164 average)

1. BRANDON DUNCAN, 17, Lexington Park, Md. 161 average home center is Patuxent River high game/series: 279/653 senior at Great Mills High School future plans: professional bowler, study cinematography hobbies and other interests outside of bowling: skateboarding, heavy metal music, guitar third Invitational, placed eighth in 2002 next bowling goal: win the Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships tournament in Dallas this year bowling rates a "10" in his life in importance famous person I'd like to be for a day: Danny Wiseman favorite food: chicken quesadillas beverage: Dr. Pepper fast food restaurant: Arby's musical group or singer: Killswitch Engage product (brand) I often use: Element skateboards TV show: "Viva La Bam" / movie: Haggard / Web site: bamargera.com

2. BRAD LOCKETT, 16, Fredericksburg, Va. 163 average AMF Fredericksburg 258/617 junior at Stafford High School Marine Corps, Cisco enjoys BMX biking, golf first Invitational bowling goal: "to get a 700 series" bowling rates an "8" ice cream / Pepsi / Taco Bell / Blink 182 / "The Simpsons" / Maverick / danscomp.com

3. SEAN BALL, 16, Largo, Md. 156 average AMF Capital Plaza 266/648 junior at Largo High School future plans unknown enjoys basketball second Invitational hopes to win a 600 Club tournament bowling rates a "7" Curry Chicken / fruit punch / McDonald's / "American Idol" / Texas Chainsaw Massacre

4. ANTHONY "DA-DON" McLEAN, 18, Hyattsville, Md. 161 average Rinaldi's Riverdale senior at Northwestern High School plans to attend college enjoys basketball, football, art/drawing second Invitational hopes to win Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships tournament bowling rates a "10" chicken / Pepsi-Cola / McDonald's / Snoop Dog / buys Old Navy clothes / "Martin" & "Cosby Show" / Bad Boys II

5. JUSTIN "JAY" MILDENSTEIN, 16, Waldorf, Md. 158 average AMF Waldorf 215/602 sophomore at Westlake High School plans to attend University of Maryland at College Park baseball, chorus (chamber choir) first Invitational hopes to "place in my next Invitational" bowling rates a "7" Brad Pitt favorites: sub / water / Subway / Boyz II Men / uses Axe products / "Viva La Bam" / Blade I & II / jigzone.com

6. MICHAEL AYLER II, 15, Vienna, Va. 160 average Bowl America Fairfax 245/606 freshman at James Madison High School future plans: design engineer enjoys basketball, rapping second Invitational, made it to second round in 2003 goal: "bowl City Tournament" bowling rates an "8" Allen Iverson chicken / Sprite / McDonald's / Lil' Wayne / "The Simpsons" / Dude, Where's My Car? / nba.com

7. KRIS RUDORF, 16, Mechanicsville, Md. ... 164 average AMF Waldorf 245/586 junior at Chopticon High School future plans: professional hockey player, professional bowling, professional fishing, military enjoys hockey and basketball first Invitational bowling goal: "work on the 7-pin" bowling rates a "10" Peter Bondra Chicken Teriyaki / Mr. Pibb - Dr. Pepper / Wendy's / Lil Jon / "Home Improvement" / 2 Fast 2 Furious / sages.ign.com

8. KEITH DOVE, 16, Washington, D.C. 162 average AMF Capital Plaza 235/590 junior at Dunbar plans to attend college Junior ROTC, WAY Too Cool To Smoke first Invitational "bowl a 300 twice" bowling rates a "9" Jay-Z pizza / Sprite / McDonald's / Jay-Z / buys South Pole or Old Navy clothes / "American Idol" / 2 Fast 2 Furious / newground.com

2004 round-by-round tournament results