Photo Gallery — May / June 2022

Virginia State USBC 69th Annual Open Handicap Tournament

Doc Campbell converses with Helen Green prior to the start of the opening squad of Doubles and Singles at Bowl America Chantilly.

John Marshall relaxes between frames.

Photo Gallery — March / April 2022

NCAUSBCA Invitational Fund-raiser Tournament
February 2022 • Bowl America Fairfax

Bernie Miller displays a scoresheet used for emergency scoring during the tournament due to an inoperable overhead scorer. The sheet was taken from a pack found in a storage closet.

Photo Gallery — January / February 2022

NCAUSBCA 11th Annual Mixed Tournament in Support of BVL
December 2021 • Bowl America Fairfax

Tournament certificate for this event.

At the start of each squad, those bowlers with military service were honored on the bowling approach. Among those so honored were (from left) Satch Parks, Denise Randolph, Luis Drakes, and Dr. Richard Brown.

Eric Helmrich, who provides "The Best Bowling Tip I Ever Received" in the current issue of BOWL Magazine, appears with his son, Theodore.

Nate Colding turns away, wondering what might have been after leaving a 7-pin that spoiled a perfect game.

Left-hander Adam Corder recorded a 298 game, leaving the 3-6 on his final toss.

Greta Pearson (left) makes sure to display the recap sheet after Diane Garrett won a "Mystery Game" with a score of 119. You read it right 119. Embarrassment aside, Ms. Garrett did not refuse the cash prize!

Four bowling balls were raffled off to raise money for BVL. World Class Pro Shop, Spare Time Sports, and Tom Dale donated the bowling balls to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Donald Lawson, who won one of the bowling balls, displays his winning ticket to Greta Pearson.

Working the Ways & Means table are (front left) Brenda McDowell and Phyllis Bourque and (rear left) Greta Pearson and Sondra Blakey. Sports Plus / Carmen Don Pro Shop, the tournament's presenting sponsor, donated items for the Instant Raffle that was conducted at the table.

Diane Garrett (left) and Sondra Blakey are busy at the check-in table.

Brenda McDowell purchases some "50-50" tickets from James Butler.

Upon completion of their bowling, Eugenia McDonald appears with Charles Cook Jr. (left) and Keith Partlow.

Photo Gallery — November / December 2021

NCAUSBCA 39th Annual Senior Tournament
November 2021 • Bowl America Fairfax

"Mystery Game" winner Terrance Thorne awaits to collect his winnings.

Tena Boone at work in the tournament office.

Ronald McGregor speaks with Tournament Manager Sondra Blakey. To Blakey's left is Diane Garrett (center) and Cheryl Jelks.

Sam Wolde works the brackets computer.

Photo Gallery — January / February 2020

Gladys Raper 100th Birthday Celebration
January 6, 2020 • AMF Marlow Heights

New Generation league president George Banks announces that former member Gladys Raper has entered the building and thus it's time to stop bowling and celebrate her birthday.

League members gather around Glady Raper (seated).

Mary Midgette displays a calendar showing January 1920, the month Gladys was born.

League members were invited to enjoy a piece of birthday cake.

Gladys sits alongside Mary G. Brown, who turns 103 on February 22 and still bowls in the league.

Gladys Raper was born on January 6, 1920.

NCAUSBCA 10th Annual Mixed Tournament in Support of BVL
December 2019 • Bowl America Shirley

Prior to competition, Cynthia Buck-Thompson rubs on her elbow one of her favorite products, Two Old Goats Essential Oil Lotion.

Singles and Scratch Senior Singles champion Tonia Douglas rolls a strike.

Adam Mitchell, Robin Hollyfield, and David DeBat sell "50-50" tickets during the competition.

Photo Gallery — November / December 2019

NCAUSBCA 38th Annual Senior Tournament
October 2019 • Bowl America Falls Church

Carleton Turley attempts to roll his fourth consecutive strike.

Greta Pearson calls out a number for the Mystery Game.

Among the Mystery Game winners were Serena Goodwin ...

David Ambrose ...

... and Cynthia Buck-Thompson (left, with Brenda McDowell).

"Bracketologist" Dwight Franklin posts scores.

Tasty baked treats were among the items offered by the NCAUSBCA Ways & Means Committee.

Noel Dysart checks his phone between frames.

Ray Marquardt cleans the first of his two bowling balls following his tournament session.

Photo Gallery — September / October 2019

The Northeast Region champion "Chesapeake Bay Strikers" team of (from left) James Bennett, Nicholas Menendez, John Banfield, Nate Trentler, and Laney Wells won the "15-and-Under" division at the 2019 USA Bowling National Championships in Allen Park, Mich.

Photo Gallery — Summer 2019

Ruth Adams (right) appears with Faith Yoon, who was the Preps division winner at the Bowl America Youth of the Year Grand Finals.

Photo Gallery — May/June 2019

NCAUSBCA 74th Annual Women's Championship Tournament
March 16-17, 23-24, 2019 • AMF Capital Plaza

Greta Nettles Pearson (left) and Kenyetta Shaw requested a photo during the competition.

Tori Lyles (inset) converts the 5-7 split.

Photo Gallery — January/February 2019

NCAUSBCA Youth 600 Club Winter Doubles Tournament
January 6, 2019 • Crofton Bowling Centre

The team of Corey O'Neill (left, 620 series) and Andru Blaney (626) combined for a 1,246 series to win first-place honors and their second 600 Club doubles title this season.

Randall Stewart (left, 586) and D'Andre Allen-Dickens (571) tallied 1,157 to place second.

James Bennett's hopes for a strike are halted by the 10-pin. Despite this temporary setback, his 609 series earned him a spot in this season's 600 Club Tournament of Champions at Bowl America Dranesville on March 16.

Photo Gallery — November/December 2018

NCAUSBCA Youth 600 Club Fall Doubles Tournament
November 11, 2018 • AMF Waldorf

Dakwan Tyler (left, 626 series) and Jayson Robinson (623) scored a second-place finish.

Lorenzo Baker (left, 575) and Jordan Jackson (657) placed third.

Christopher Smith earned a spot in the Youth 600 Club Tournament of Champions as a result of his 612 series in the "Under 180" division.

Photo Gallery — May/June 2018

Eugenia McDonald (inset photo) received some razzing from her fellow bowlers during the NCAUSBCA 73rd Annual Women's Championship Tournament at Bowl America Burke after leaving the 5-7-10 split. As expected, this resulted in one or two insults regarding her delivery as well as widespread laughter. Holding up McDonald at right is Alfreda Jefferson, while Diane Garrett (left) enjoys the frivolity.

Photo Gallery — Summer 2017

NCAUSBCA Youth Committee members Robin Hollyfield (left), Tom Dale (center), and Diane Frelke (right) appear with association Triple Crown Award winners Cayla Davidson (second from left) and Tabitha "Tabby" DeBat at Bowl America Manassas. Each recipient had the high average, high game, and high series in her league.

Scratch All-Events titlist Tony Wheeler converts the 6-8 split
during the Team competition of the NCAUSBCA 72nd Annual
Open Championship Tournament at Bowl America Gaithersburg.

Hall of Famer Chris Johnson carries the 7-pin
and clears the deck at the Open Championship Tournament.

To complete a USBC award form for his 821 series in the Team event,
Sean Black (right) supplies information to Open Tournament staffer Tena Boone.

Photo Gallery — May / June 2017

Dee Stephenson is relieved to have avoided leaving the 6-7-10 split
at the NCAUSBCA 72nd Annual Women's Championship Tournament
at Rinaldi's Riverdale Bowl.

Director James Butler conducts a bowling ball raffle during the Women's Championship Tournament.

Samuel Anderson mixes the pins and strikes in the title match against Garrett Meadows
en route to winning 239-173 in the "180 and Above" division of the NCAUSBCA Youth 600 Club
Tournament of Champions at Bowl America Falls Church.

Garrett Meadows, who opened the stepladder finals with a perfect game,
appears none too pleased in the championship contest after leaving a solid 7-pin.

Garrett Meadows and Samuel Anderson greet each other
before competing in a qualifying round match.

Justus Lewis placed fourth in the "Under 180" division
of the Youth 600 Club Tournament of Champions.

Photo Gallery — March / April 2017

NCAUSBCA 11th Annual Membership Meeting
February 26, 2017 • Bowl America Gaithersburg

Assistant Manager Kirk Williams checks attendance.

Director Ken Larkin asks a question regarding a ballot.

Nannette White speaks on an issue.

Miriam Witherspoon offers her thoughts.

Hall of Famer Sharon Weber seconds a motion
made by Director Dominic Parham.

A fund-raising raffle of a 40-inch television was conducted
during the Annual Meeting, and Director Berlin Myers was the lucky winner.

Photo Gallery — January / February 2017

Items on and around the "Silent Auction" table were up for bid during the NCAUSBA 7th Annual Mixed Tournament in Support of BVL at Bowl America Shirley.

Photo Gallery — November / December 2016

Senior Tournament Manager Michael Tinsley confers
with Tena Boone at Bowl America Falls Church.

President Willie Graves Jr. scores a strike at the Senior Tournament.

Photo Gallery — Summer 2016

NCAUSBCA 71st Annual Women's Championship Tournament
Potomac Lanes / June 18-19, 25-26, 2016

Director Cynthia Cooks converts the 1-2-6-7-8-10 spare combination.

Kristina Milam converts the 6-7-10 split.

Quintina Jefferson failed in her attempt
to win the Scratch All-Events title for the fourth time in five years,
but she still performed well, totaling 1,977
and averaging nearly 222 for nine games.

Willie Graves Jr. introduces a squad.

Photo Gallery — January / February 2016

NCAUSBCA 6th Annual Mixed Tournament in Support of BVL / Bowl America Shirley / December 5-6, 2015

Hall of Famer Ron Holt appears with his wife, Robin, after competing in the tournament.

Michael Riley Jr. (left) assists Director Connie Brown (center left) during a "50-50" raffle.

Bowlers and guests were able to bid on items appearing on the "Silent Auction" table.

Tournament Manager / Director Tom Dale introduces a squad.

Photo Gallery — Summer 2015

NCAUSBCA 70th Annual Women's Championship Tournament / Bowl America Shirley / June 19-21 and 26-28, 2015

Judi Butler (left) and Evelyn Tafalla

Theresa O'Donnal (left) and Liz Hollis

Helen Toms

Tom Dale announces a pair of "high game" winners during the competition ...

... Among them are Tammy Morgan (left) and Terry Waldon.

Despite not winning, (from left) Jean Hockman, Lorie Spelman, and Rita Hockman enjoyed themselves and look forward to returning to the tournament in 2016.

Alicia Alston, the subject of the "Mini-Bio" feature in BOWL Magazine, wasn't kidding when she said she was a real fan of the Boston Red Sox!

The team from Australia brought its mascot to Bowl America Dranesville for the World Police & Fire Games.

Photo Gallery — May / June 2015

NCAUSBCA 70th Annual Open Championship Tournament / Bowl America Fairfax & Bowl America Woodbridge / March - April, 2015

Nine of NCAUSBCA's "Top 10" ranked bowlers for the 2013-2014 season competed, including Christopher Hansen (left), who scored a 299 game, and No. 8, Jeff Abt.

(Front left) Tom Middleton and Mike Eberly appear with (rear left) Randy Hicks, Shawn Bevenour, and Scott Sekely.

Tom Middleton appears with his sons.

The team of (from left) Marcia Green (captain), Helen Skipper, Shirley Abatta, Mildred Wilkie, and Dora Jo Long appear after participating in the final squad of the Team competition.

Open Tournament Director Kirk Williams (left) converses with Vice Presidents Willie Graves Jr., and Larry Gonzales.

Ann Young (left) receives a USBC 800 Series Adult Crystal Award for her 815 series on games of 287-277-251 in the Merchants Mixed League at Bowl America Woodbridge from Vice President Hazel Wallace. (Photo by Alexis Garrett)

Director/League Secretary James Butler (left) presents a USBC ring to Kevin Armstrong for his perfect game in the Pinbusters League at Parkland Bowl.

Photo Gallery — March 2015

NCAUSBCA Mixed Scratch Doubles Tournament / Bowl America Fairfax / February 8, 2015

Yvette Ford (695 series) and Fero Williams (741) were tournament leaders after the first squad. They ultimately placed fourth with their 1,436 total.

Dwight Franklin and Woody Stewart work the brackets table.

Stephen Hahn completes a brackets application.

Rick Ketchie (left) and Tom Dale work the check-in table.

Connie Brown ponders a comment made by Tournament Director Larry Gonzales.

Photo Gallery — January / February 2015

Director Hazel Wallace welcomes bowlers to the NCAUSBCA 33rd Annual Senior Tournament at Bowl America Woodbridge.

Director Dwight Franklin operates the brackets computer at the Senior Tournament.

Director Mike Tinsley and Yvonne Humphries work the Ways & Means table at the Senior Tournament.

NCAUSBCA Hall of Famer Dena Kearney relaxes between frames at the Senior Tournament.

Smooth-strokin' NCAUSBCA Hall of Famer Greg Turner releases a shot at the Senior Tournament.

Senior Tournament participants received a logoed plastic cup with a straw and a top.

Photo Gallery — November 2014

NCAUSBCA representatives at Veterans Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery included (front row, from left) Diane Garrett and Connie Brown; (middle row) Marina Akers-Epps and Deborah Epps; and (rear) Berlin Myers, chairperson of the BVL Committee.

Photo Gallery — September 2014

Susan King (left), who tossed a 299 game late last season in the Thursday Nite Mixed League at AMF Waldorf, receives her USBC award from Secretary Priscilla Mays.

Photo Gallery — March 2014

At the 7th Annual Youth-Adult Fellowship Sports Day at AMF Capital Plaza, stuffed animals served as prizes that youth bowlers could choose after they rolled their first strike.

Here is a participation certificate that Youth-Adult Fellowship Sports Day youth bowlers received at the completion of the competition.

Some members of the Youth-Adult Fellowship Sports Day staff, including (from left) Lynetta McMillon, Gracie Barnes, Judith Butler, Dominic Parham, and Diane Garrett appear at the event's conclusion.

Click here to view additional photos from the 7th Annual Youth-Adult Fellowship Sports Day.

Rachael Gittings and Edward Curtis II were first-squad leaders at the NCAUSBCA Mixed Scratch Doubles Tournament at The Lanes Fort Meade. The duo ultimately placed fourth.

Photo Gallery — December 2013

Contest winner Raymond Watson awaits a 50-50 payoff from Director Judi Butler at the NCAUSBCA 32nd Senior Tournament, which took place at Parkland Bowl.

Photo Gallery — Summer 2013

The "2-peat" repeat champions in the (Bowl America) Falls Church Commercial League: (from left), Chris Blackmore, Allen Walker, Andrew Blackmore, Supachai Papee, and Adam Rodriguez (not pictured: Jonathan Blackmore).

Photo Gallery — March 2013

Jerry Paige (center), who recorded a perfect game January 23 in the Fun Incorporated league AMF Marlow Heights -- his first at that center -- appears with James Taylor (left) and Doug Knoth. Paige credited Taylor with "stopping a bowler from jumping up on the lane the same time I did" and gave props to Knoth "for bowling while I was bowling and reminding me about taking a deep breath." The latter assistance was particularly important because just two weeks earlier, Paige fell three pins short of achieving a 300 game in part due to his becoming nervous and not taking enough time.

Photo Gallery — January 2013

Joe Tremper earned a USBC 800 Sport Bowling Series Crystal Pin for his 824 series on a Sport Bowling lane condition in the Bud Light Trios league at The Lanes Fort Meade.

Joe Tremper with his latest high-end award. (Karen Jost photos)

At AMF Marlow Heights, Washington Seniors Wellness Center league secretary Sahon Wood (left), lane rep Sarah Richardson (second from left), and league president Roy Barber (right) appear with Ellen Washington, the first female to score a 600 series (with a high game of 257) in the league.

The award presentation for Ellen Washington took place on January 10, 2013.

Photo Gallery — November / December 2012

Additional photos from the NCAUSBCA Hall of Fame Induction and Dinner Celebration held October 6, 2012 at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Md.

Photo Gallery — September 2012

On July 31, 2012, the retiring Ray Brothers leaves the NCAUSBCA office on his final day as association manager.

Photo Gallery — Summer 2012

Ollie Morton (left) and Trevor Corbin were divisional champions at Bowl America's Star of the Year Grand Finals Tournament at Bowl America Shirley.

Photo Gallery — April / May 2012

Former "Top 10" bowler Annie Hunt, who did not participate in this year's NCAUSBCA Women's Championship Tournament due to a hand injury, visited tournament bowlers at Bowl America Burke while using a therapeutic device for her hand.

NCAUSBCA President Jane Andrews (third from left) accepts an award from BVL (The Bowlers to Veterans Link) for the association, which raised the nation's third largest total for a local association for the 2010-2011 season. (Karen Jost photo)

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Photo Gallery — February / March 2012

One of the Bowl for the Cure® iPad 2 raffle winners, Pat Norcome (center), appears with BFTC Chairman Ron Holton (left) and Director Darron Mayes.

Tai Meredith, another raffle winner, stands with Director Mayes and BFTC Chairman Holton.

A third raffle winner, Tamara Neal, received her prize from Director Mayes.

Shirley Pierpont, manager of AMF Waldorf, presents Dougie Tonucci the championship plaque for winning the A Division (185+ average) in the recent Youth Invitational Scratch Singles Tournament.

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Photo Gallery — January 2012

Tommy McLane, NCAUSBCA's top-ranked men's bowler for the 2010-2011 season, is the subject of the BOWL Magazine Interview.

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Photo Gallery — November / December 2011

Gee Lopez of the Sports Plus/Carmen Don Pro Shop in Alexandria, Va., pens the featured article, "Thumb timing -- the key to a perfect release."

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Photo Gallery — September 2011

At left, then-NCAUSBCA President Robert Ashley III and Tom Dale Jr. accept a plaque for the association having the fifth highest donation total for BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link) during the 2009-2010 season. (Karen Jost photo)

A Bowl for the Cure® cermony that included glow sticks occurred during the 2011 USBC Convention in Grapevine, Texas. (Karen Jost photo)

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Photo Gallery — Summer 2011

After starting a game with 10 strikes in the team event of the NCAUSBCA Championship Tournament at AMF Annandale, Anthony "Tinman" Hunter's 11th delivery comes in light ...

... and as the 2-4-5-8 bucket remains standing, Hunter is left to wonder what might have been. He converted the spare to score 286.

Karen Thompson is all smiles after recording a strike in the NCAUSBCA Women's Championship Tournament.

The team of (from left) Luis Pinto, Robert Diggs, Mike Manolis (captain), and Paul Graves emerged as champions of the 2010-2011 Falls Church Commercial league. (Andy Anderson photo)

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Photo Gallery — February / March 2011

President Robert Ashley III welcomes the participants at NCAUSBCA's 2nd Annual Bowl for the Cure® Day at Bowl America Shirley on February 12.

Chau Pran receives congratulations after rolling a strike.

Paula Hensley, Stephanie Sevello, Jannessa Neher, and Joan Dec share a moment between frames.

Louise Howell from the Washington, D.C. affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation thanked the bowlers and volunteers for their efforts. She was in attendance to provide hand-outs and additional information about getting involved.

After winning one of the raffles, Stacey Elias selects the ticket of the next winner.

Cakes and cupcakes were among the food items available for purchase.

Robin Holt, who prepared some of the food items, appears with Charles Dyson.

This year's event again featured in-line dancing on the approaches.

Eva Baker and Yvonne Humphries handled the check-in procedure for the participants.

Members of the Bowl for the Cure® Committee included (from left) Paula Hensley, Melissa Cromartie, Chairman Ronald Holton, Judi Butler, Darron Mayes, and Tavawyaha Batts.

At Village Lanes, Brian Klonarides receives a Triple Crown Award from President Robert Ashley III (left) and Kenny Robinson, director of the Youth Scratch Invitational Tournament.

In the current issue, Youth Scratch Invitational A Division runner-up Robert Alston provides "The Best Bowling Tip I Ever Received."

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Photo Gallery — September / October 2010

Days before her 90th birthday, Suzy Wilson scored an all-spare game in the Owls Club summer league at Bowl America Shirley. (Photo by Wally Huie)

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Photo Gallery — Summer 2010

Among area participants who competed in the inaugural $500,000 AMF National In-League Tournament held in Las Vegas, Antwan Cofield of Hyattsville, Md., placed 13th....

... and Jason Parham of College Park, Md., finished 25th in the Open Division. (Photos courtesy of AMF)

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Photo Gallery — February / March 2010

Judy Edwards registers for the Annual Meeting ahead of Ralph Hayward.

Directors Gracie Barnes, Judi Butler, and Helen Toms confer before the start of the Annual Meeting.

Director Sheila Small handled the tickets for the Bowl for the Cure® raffle at the Annual Meeting ...

... for the chance to win these beautiful gift baskets.

At the Sunday Doubles league at AMF Waldorf, Alvin Edwards receives a USBC ring for his perfect game from Director Mayes ...

... and William Dorsey displays his 11 in-a-Row hardware.

2009 Hall of Fame online photo gallery

NCAUSBCA Hall of Fame to welcome
Franklin, Ketchie, and Nelson

"Class of 2009" to be inducted in ceremonies October 10
at Holiday Inn Eisenhower Metro Center

Photo Gallery — April / May 2009

NCAUSBCA-labled items were available for purchase at the Ways and Means table at the 64th annual NCAUSBCA Women's Championship Tournament at Bowl America Shirley. Elsewhere during the tournament:

Sarah Richardson participates in a bowling ball raffle.

Rita Mercadal reacts after recording a strike ...

... and receives congratualtions from teammate Sondra Blakey (right).

Mable Sharp and Ida Bailey

Sharp achieves success after putting the ball in the 1-3 pocket.

Marie Randle collects some bracket money from Director Ron Holton.

At AMF Waldorf, Director Sharon Weber presents a USBC 11 in-a-Row award to Billy Blaney III.

Director Weber also appears with NCAUSBCA Triple Crown Award winners Susan King ...

... and Tommy McLane.

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Photo Gallery — December 2008 / January 2009

Harold Redmond, NCAUSBCA's oldest known member who recently celebrated his 98th birthday, recently was honored at AMF Waldorf by the Charles County Government and by fellow members of the Inez's Golden Keglers league.

"Mr. Redmond," as he is known by all, shows his skill on the lanes by converting the 3-10 baby split ...

... and he receives congratulations from a fellow league member.

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Photo Gallery — November 2008

Portia Chandler, a blind bowler who competes at AMF Marlow Heights, answers "20 Questions."

Quintina Jefferson, NCAUSBCA's No. 4-ranked woman bowler in 2007-2008, takes on the "Mini-Bio."

Mary Brooks, the association's No. 9-ranked woman bowler last season, is the subject of the "My Stuff" feature.

York Rankin Jr., NCAUSBCA's No. 9-ranked male bowler last season, provides "The Best Bowling Tip I've Ever Received."

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Photo Gallery — Summer 2008

2008 NCAUSBCA Open Championship Tournament scratch all events winner Barry Tyler answers "20 Questions."

Terry Wiley, who captained the top team in the scratch team event, is the subject of the "Mini-Bio."

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Photo Gallery — April / May 2008

Laura Scott, who won three titles in the recent NCAUSBCA Women's Championship Tournament, is the subject of the "Mini-Bio."

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Photo Gallery — February / March 2008

Youth coach Jolita Perry is the subject of the "My Stuff' feature.

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Photo Gallery — December 2007 / January 2008

E. Anthony "Ice" Meadows, NCAUSBCA's ninth-ranked bowler last season, provides "The Best Bowling Tip I"ve Ever Received."

Kristina Livingston, NCAUSBCA's seventh-ranked woman bowler for the 2006-2007 season with a 203.349 composite average, is the subject of the "My Stuff" feature.

PBA Senior member Dave Kneas undergoes the "Mini Bio."

Former Team USA coach Fred Borden (left) and fellow Gold Level coach Ron Hatfield recently conducted a Legends/Lane Masters clinic at AMF Capital Plaza.

Dougie Tonucci (second from left) and Matt Handy appear with coaches Borden and Hatfield at the clinic.

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Photo Gallery — November 2007

Susan King is the subject of the "Mini-Bio" feature.

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Photo Gallery — September / October 2007

Eugenia McDonald, director of the DC's Finest Handicap Tournament, is the subject of the "My Stuff" feature.

Greg Turner provides "The Best Bowling Tip I"ve Ever Received."

Dean Ryan, general manager of The Lanes Fort Meade, tackles the "Mini Bio."

Crystal Shaw and Kevin Lomax took home top honors at the most recent NCAUSBCA 600-700 Scratch Mixed Doubles Tournament.

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Photo Gallery — Summer 2007

Stephanie Dyson, who won the Division I All Events category in the 2007 NCAUSBCA Women's Championship Tournament, is the subject of the "My Stuff" feature.

Bobby Hall Sr., who reached the Round of 16 at the recent PBA Senior Manassas Open, responds to "12 Questions."

Vicky Bush, who was the area's No. 4-ranked woman bowler in 2005-2006, takes on the "Mini-Bio."

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Photo Gallery — April/May 2007

Sport Bowling proponent Mike Sinek, who earlier this season tossed the area's first perfect game in a Sport Bowling league at The Lanes Fort Meade, responds to "20 Questions."

Annie Hunt, who was the area's No. 10-ranked woman bowler in 2005-2006, takes on the "Mini-Bio."

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Photo Gallery — March 2007

From left, Allen Chambers, Eric Helmrich, and Nicholas Hardy emerged as divisional titlests at the 2007 NCAUSBCA Youth Scratch Invitational Tournament.

Jackie McKinnon, who earlier this season at Parkland Bowl tossed her second career perfect game en route to an 812 series, tackles the "Mini-Bio."

Nelson Marcus (right) accepts a USBC plaque for his perfect game in the Family, Friends, and Neighbors league at Riverdale Bowl from Director Gene Mays.

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Photo Gallery — December 2006 / January 2007

PBA East Region Ebonite Fort Meade Open champion Keni Lowe Jr. responds to "14 Questions."

Michelle Mullally takes on the "Mini-Bio."

Rickie Banister cashed in his PBA debut at Fort Meade.

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Photo Gallery — November 2006

Members of the Silver Hill Strikers league at AMF Marlow Heights include (front) Demarco Hefley; (middle row) Maurice Reynolds, Trevon James, Brandon Ward; (back row) Adrienne Ward, Kendra Hyater-Davis, Nyasia Hardy, Imani Scott

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Photo Gallery — September 2006

Chris Johnson is the subject of the "Mini-Bio."

Darryl Carreon provides "The Best Bowling Tip I've Ever Received."

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Photo Gallery — Summer 2006

NCAUSBCA Hall of Famer Larry Wallace is the subject of a "BOWL Magazine Interview."

Andy Anderson, secretary of the Falls Church Commercial league, tackles the "Mini-Bio."

2006 Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow Eric Helmrich of St. Leonard, Md., addresses the delegation at the recent United States Bowling Congress Convention in Orlando, Fla. (USBC photo)

From left, Jane Andrews and Kirk S. Williams, in their respective positions as president of the Washington, D.C. Area Women's Bowling Association and the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association, appear with fellow BVL award winners during the USBC Convention. (USBC photo)

Tom Baker realizes that his dreams of a victory in the PBA Senior Manassas Open at Bowl America Manassas vanished when, needing three strikes in the tenth frame to defeat Henry Gonzalez, he left a 10-pin on his first ball in the tenth frame, losing 268-248.

Gonzalez, who couldn't stand to watch and was approximately 20 lanes away when Baker left his 10-pin, returns to the championship pair as the champion.

Baker and Gonzalez share a laugh after the competition.

Gonzalez accepts a congratulatory phone call in the PBA press room moments after his victory.

NCABA delegates (from left) James B. Stewart, Bill Grover, and Ron McGregor discuss the proposed amendments during a break at the USBC Convention in Orlando, Fla.

NCABA delegate Robert Ashley III appears on the big screen as he proposes an amendment to the pre- and post-bowling amendment at the USBC Convention.

Click here for a brief bowling biography of Upper Marlboro, Md., resident Gary E. Mixon.

Area bowler Art Trimboli recently celebrated his 98th birthday at AMF Shady Grove.

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Photo Gallery — April / May 2006

Roger Rowley, who invented a patent pending rubber thumb grip, responds to "10 Questions."

Thomas E. Dale Jr., president-elect of the new Nation's Capital Area USBC Association, discusses the recent merger between the local associations, what still needs to be done during the transition period, and what to expect under the "NCAUSBCA."

Kisha Eubanks Hightower is the subject of the "My Stuff" feature.

Ron Smith, who recently placed seventh at the PBA Senior Fort Meade Open, provides "The Best Bowling Tip I've Ever Received."

WDCAWBA Hall of Famer Bea Bennie appears with Kenny Robinson, who represented the Vir-Mar District YABA team in the Matt Bennie 3 C's Tournament at Bowl America Burke and took home the men's plaque for rolling the highest game over average-a 297 on a 198 average.

Kenny Robinson

WDCAWBA's Jane Andrews won the women's plaque in the Matt Bennie 3 C's Tournament for scoring a 208 game, 49 pins over average.

Jackie Sewell, manager of Bowl America Gaithersburg, welcomed the opening squad at the 61st annual WDCAWBA City Tournament.

Greg Rye and his daughter, Jessica, each converted the "Big 4" (4-6-7-10) split in successive league sessions in an adult/youth league last summer at Crofton Bowling Centre. Jessica, now 15, comes from a line of bowlers on her father's side of the family; both her grandfather and grandmother were avid bowlers. ... Meanwhile, Greg, a 25-year bowler who currently also competes at AMF Waldorf, maintains a 200-plus average while rolling in two mixed leagues with his girlfriend. He enjoying bowling in tournaments and has cashed in a few of them.

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Photo Gallery — February / March 2006

2006 Vir-Mar District Invitational A Division champion Allen Windsor is the subject of the Mini-Bio.

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Photo Gallery — December 2005 / January 2006

Donny Carr, winner of the Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour South Region Alexandria Open at U.S. Bowling on November 27, 2005, responds to 15 Questions and provides The Best Bowling Tip I've Ever Received.

The BOWL Magazine Interview features Stacey Gonzales, who suffered a devasting shoulder injury while a collegiate bowler and returned to bowling only after she undertook a most radical change in her game.

Frank Gallo Jr., who considers himself "The World's Greatest Deaf Bowler," is the subject of the My Stuff feature. Click here to read Frank's views on the "new PBA" and other topics.

Chhoeun To, NCABA's ninth-ranked bowler for the 2004-2005 season with a composite average of 217.188, appears in the Mini-Bio. (Photo by Alden "Andy" Anderson)

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Photo Gallery — November 2005


In 2004-2005, Anthony Chapman composited the second highest average in association history.

Karla Pereira is the subject of the "My Stuff" feature. Click here to read about her laser surgery.

The "Mini-Bio" features Rawlin Jefferson.

Ernest W. Spriggs provides "The Best Bowling Tip I've Ever Received."

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Photo Gallery — September 2005

Photo Gallery — Summer 2005

Photo Gallery — May 2005

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