26th Annual Southeast Bowling Association, Inc.
Handicap Tournament Update

There was an entry that contained five bowlers - one team event, one singles/doubles event, and two all-events handicap. The team bowlers qualified for Division B based on their verified averages (bowl.com). The singles/doubles and all-events bowlers qualified for Division B based on their verified averages (bowl.com). After completion of the final squad, the standings reflected that this team placed first in Division B. The two bowlers who competed in singles, doubles, and all-events also placed in money positions in some or all of these events (in Division B Handicap).

After the tournament, it was determined that all five bowlers from this entry were on the USBC tournament rerate list. An eMail was sent to USBC Rules to verify the application of Rule 319c (failure to report prior rerate), and we were advised that the rule absolutely applies to our tournament. The team captain was sent a formal USBC letter from the tournament director, disqualifying both the team event and the singles/doubles/all-events (handicap events only).

All five members appealed their disqualification to USBC pursuant to the rule. USBC determined that the disqualification stands and sent formal letters to all parties. The team captain and other members filed additional appeals, as allowed pursuant to USBC rules (final appeal to the USBC Legal Committee).

Currently, the final date to comment on this matter is August 23, 2017, so any FINAL ruling by the USBC Legal Committee will be made after that.

Chester V. Huffman Jr., Tournament Director

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