2005 NCABA/WDCAWBA Hall of Fame Induction Celebration Photo Gallery

Photos by Wanda Klimkiewicz

A wall mural at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Maryland, which hosted the event.

The head table

Prior to the event, Vice President Gene Mays consults with WDCAWBA Vice President Jane Andrews.

Charles Daniel with Andre Andrews

WDCAWBA Hall of Famers Sharon Weber and Bea Bennie

WDCWABA Hall of Famers Quintenna Boone and Hazel Beatty (right) appear with Vice President Yvonne Humphries

WDCAWBA Vice President Sharon Brown and her husband, Vincent

Donald Cantrell and Hall of Famer Jerry James

Melanie Johnson and Alice Mays

Director Richard Anderson and Hall of Famer Jonathan Emery

Theron Anthony Finney, great grandson of Hall of Famer Earl Hickerson and WDCAWBA Director Zee Hickerson

Earl Hickerson reviews the Hall of Fame program.

Hickerson greets Maxine Brothers

David Brower, Clarence Green, and Luetta Cooper

Director Ray Marquardt and his wife, Debbie

Pat Maggi and Karen Grover

Hall of Famer James Stewart and his wife, Christine

WDCAWBA Hall of Famer Hazel Beatty

President Kirk S. Williams

Hall of Famer Tom Dale Jr., and his wife, Andrea

Following his induction into the NCABA Hall of Fame, Ronald McGregor addressed the guests.

Hall of Famers Jerry James, Steve Graves, Ronald McGregor, and Harrold Capps

Additional photos by Dave Young

Additional photos by Bob Cosgrove