Bill Zier started bowling in the Washington area with the original group of bowlers that started the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association and was one of the charter members in forming the Association.

He assisted in the organization of the first league in the area, known as the Monday Night Commercial League bowling at the Arcadia Lanes and later moving to Tenpins Inc, in Alexandria. Bill held the high average in the league for the first two years. This League is still in operation in the area.

Mr. Zier was always active in bowling promotion, but due to his heavy work schedule was never able to accept an official position with the Association. However, he was always known as "The Grand Old Timer". Bill passed away at the age of 73, and it was a matter of record that he had been bowling since the early 1920's, or for more than forty years. His lifetime average was in the high 180's, several years in the 190's.

Due to his role in the expansion of the game in this area, Bill will always be remembered by those who knew him for his willingness to assist in every way in promotion and teaching, and for his zeal for the sportsmanship of the game of tenpins, all of which earned him election to bowling's highest honor, the Hall of Fame.

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