Billy R. Zeh is known as "a bowler's bowler." He was captain of the famous Bauserman team that set the all-time area record with a 3,251 series. Under his inspiring leadership, the team gathered many other honors.

He is a charter member of the Nation's Capital "700" Bowling Club and has six times surpassed the "700" set with a high of 740.

For many years, Billy Zeh has averaged in the 190s, with a high of 199.

Briefly he has won his spurs as a bowler.

In the past 18 years, he has been captain of every team of which he has been a member, during this time he has attended all but three of the American Bowling Congress Tournaments, and in each of the 15 years, he captained a representative Washington area team. This alone has earned him the outstanding distinction, if not unsurpassed distinction, in this area, as a team leader.

Billy Zeh was one of the handful of men who organized the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association. He was also a charter member of the local Nation's Capital "700" Club. In fact, the hand of Billy Zeh is to be found in every phase of the development of tenpins in this area since he came here a quarter century ago.

Billy Zeh is an outstanding American junior Bowling Congress instructor and for the past three years has been the coach of many junior boys and girls. He has organized teams and leagues to bowl in the junior circles and several of them have grown up to be better-than-average adult bowlers.

For the last eight years, he has been treasurer of the Washington Association and in this capacity has served with such efficiency that he is rated as one of the best in the country. He is always referred to as "the right arm" of the secretary.

When in 1962 Secretary Matt Bennie became incapacitated, Billy ran the Association City Tournament so smoothly that "nobody missed the secretary." A few years ago, the question of a replacement secretary came up and it was noted that the game would not suffer in this area as long as Billy Zeh was here to take over.

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