Larry Wallace started bowling in 1962 While a junior in high school, he rolled the highest youth series (646) in the state of Nebraska in 1964 and, after winning the Nebraska state scratch tournament, he finished second in the All-America Youth Championships and earned a $1,000 scholarship. He continued in the American junior Bowling Congress competition until he entered the Air Force in 1965.

During 20 years of military service, he won numerous individual and team honors, including holding the high average in the European Bowling Theatre in 1974-75 (setting a series record with 782) and 1975-76, and being a member of the 1974 Swiss Open team champions and the 1975 ABC European champions.

As a member of the FIQ team from 1974-76, Larry won the Swiss Open (1974), the Nuremburg Open (1975), and the Southern Hemisphere Alliance Pact Organization in 1975.

As a member of the Eifel (Southern Germany) Bowling Association, he served one year each as president and vice president. In addition, he won the all events scratch tournament every year and won the scratch team event twice.

From 1979 to 1985, he served as coach/instructor for the youth bowling program at Boiling Air Force Base. During this time, he organized several successful pro-am events.

In 1984-85, Larry was the NCABA's No. 1 ranked bowler. He was ranked eighth in 1983-84 and ninth in 1985-86.

In August 1985, he won the first PBA regional tournament in which he competed in Newport News, VA.

Also in 1985, he began work at Bowl America Woodbridge as an assistant manager. After returning from a stint on the national PBA Tour and leaving the game for a short time, he returned to Bowl America Woodbridge in 1988 to manage the pro shop. Larry has attended many seminars to help stay up-to-date in the latest ball drilling and instruction techniques. Along the way, he has helped many customers achieve personal bests, including over 25 ABC honor scores.

This past season he had a personal-best average of 225, as well as his fifth career perfect game (one of which was rolled in a PBA regional in 1985). His highest series is 796.

For his exceptional bowling abilities and his generous contributions to the sport of bowling, the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association holds an honored position for Larry Wallace in its Hall of Fame.

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