Joseph L. Taylor, Sr., a native of O'Fallon, Ill., came to Washington on Jan 2, 1932, to work as a Capitol policeman. Washington has been his home ever since.

In 1951 he began work handling the President's mail. He joined the White House League his first day on the job, a decision that has made him something special ever since.

Joe has assisted Presidents, Congressmen, Guests of the White House, and their family members as manager of the White House Lanes for over thirty years. During those thirty years, Joe has helped bring the sport of bowling to the Nation and to the World through the leadership of our nation and of the world. As a result of Joe's dedication to the sport of bowling, some of the most important decisions that effect our country and the world may have been, and still may be, made during a game of bowling.

Certainly, Joe has many memories to be shared with his fellow bowlers. Memories of moving the White House lanes from beneath the Oval Office to an area in the Executive Building. Memories of exhibitions from Hall of Famers like the late Pat Patterson, Marion Ladewig, LaVerne Carter, Linda Faragalli and Dick Weber. Memories of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Humphrey bowling together. Memories of keeping score for President Nixon for as many as twenty games at a time without stopping. Memories of a 222 bowled by David Eisenhower. Memories that can only add to the pleasures that the sport of bowling has provided the world.

Joe has also provided a great service to the members of the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association, where he served as a member of the Board of Directors for fifteen years.

Joe is greatly respected throughout all areas of the bowling world. A respect that has been truly earned.

Even though his services have been many and widespread, Joe has still found the time to be the White House League secretary-treasurer for twenty-six years, and to bowl in twenty-two American Bowling Congress tournaments.

Joseph L. Taylor, Sr. has earned recognition for his contributions to bowling, and is a welcomed and deserving addition to the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association's Hall of Fame.

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