ALBERT SNYDER first bowled the game of tenpins in his hometown in White Plains, N.Y. He participated in open play bowling only during the period of the late 30's and then moved to the Washington area. In 1945 he became acquainted with some of the local area bowlers and joined his first league in 1947 at Bethesda 40 Lanes.

Al played a big part in the organization of several leagues in the early years of the game in this area. He assisted John Rodock in forming the Greater Washington Major League and the Bethesda Mixed league. Later he assisted in getting the D.C. Mixed league and the Jimmy Moore Memorial league off to a fine start at Congressional Plaza Bowl. Al was considered a prime figure in each of the leagues.

Because Al was well known for his all around abilities in serving the bowling game, he was elected to the Executive Board of Directors of the Association where he served as a valuable member for many years.

He was known as "just an average bowler" who dearly loved to bowl in tournaments, local or national. He participated in several ABC National Tournaments - Syracuse, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Detroit and Buffalo.

He was one of the "early birds" in the promotion of the Lebanon Dutchman tournament. He and his partner won a major doubles event tournament conducted by Charlie Pooler at Tenpins Inc.

For many years Al arranged squads to enter the mixed doubles event held in Camden, New Jersey. He took care of all arrangements and details and many times even furnished transportation to Camden for the Bowlers.

Albert Synder was a great promoter of the game of bowling and has been honored for his great devotion by his election to the HALL OF FAME.

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