Steve Sipe was born In Bridgeton, New Jersey, but he's been an area resident for over 25 years. He began bowling in 1969 in adult leagues at Bowl America Falls Church. By the 1971-72 season, Steve already was being noticed as a future star. That season he averaged 196 in two leagues, but he was excluded from the NCABA's Top 10 rankings since he rolled in only one center. The following season, Steve qualified tenth in the area rankings, his first of eight Top 10 appearances.

The 1980-81 season was most memorable for Steve:

A member of the Professional Bowlers Association since 1977, Steve has rolled six 300 games, including one during a PBA eastern regional event In 1979.

Last season, he rolled his third career 800 series, an 804 (which included a perfect game) at Annandale Bowling Center in the Northern Virginia All-Stars league, where he carried his top averageó211.

He has been selected to several Virginia State All-Star teams, which recognize bowlers carrying the top five individual averages throughout the state the previous season.

Presently employed by the R.T. & Company Pro Shop in Falls Church, Steve always has been happy to offer his suggestions on strategy, technique, and equipment to bowlers of all skill levels.

In 1985, he came to the aid of fellow NCABA Hall of Famer Joe Taylor by visiting the White House to take the hand measurements for a bowling ball he would later drill for Vice President George Bush.

For the superior bowling abilities that he's demonstrated for many years, the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association holds an honored position for Steve Sipe in its Hall of Fame.

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