MILTON SILVER has distinguished himself as an outstanding contributor to the sport of bowling as a participant, sponsor, and administrator over the many years he has been in this area.

He is a member of the Nation's Capital Area 700 Club and has served as league officer in all positions. He has organized and sponsored teams and leagues of all types: men's, women's and juniors. He is also an active local supporter of the collegiate division of bowling.

His tenure on the Association's board of directors was highlighted by his sound judgement in personnel and business management and his willingness and ability to get along with others to advance the sport of bowling.

He organized and directed the first Bowl Magazine tournament, actively solicited advertising for Bowl Magazine and the Association's annual average book, and completely supported and assisted in all functions of the Association.

When business reasons prevented him from continuing as an active member of the board after serving as 3rd vice-president, he was voted a lifetime membership in the Association by the entire Council of Delegates, an honor usually accorded only to past presidents of the Association.

Milton Silver's contributions to the game can never be fully compensated, or even enumerated since many of his activities are known only to a few and accomplished, not for personal recognition, but only for his devotion to the game. Milton Silver's election to the Hall of Fame, the highest honor that bowling can bestow, is well deserved.

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