Doris E. Shepherd, a native of Washington, D.C., has been bowling since 1957. From the start of her bowling career, she has been influential in the industry. Asserting that bowling was for everyone — adults and children — she became a certified coach under the directorship of Martha Burton and helped broaden the sport’s awareness to youths. She formulated two teams of junior boys for the Virginia Junior Traveling League and provided them transportation for five years. When the Vir-Mar District AJBC was established in the early 1960s, Doris served as its First Vice President for three years.

While serving several years as a president or treasurer in her leagues at Bowl America Silver Hill and Fair Lanes University, she acquired unique administrative skills and an in-depth knowledge of the sport. Accordingly, Lil Zimmerman, then-president of a ladies league at University, presented her name to the WDCAWBA for nomination to the board, and she was accepted — a great honor for Doris.

She immediately began to serve area bowlers to the best of her ability. Doris prepared a complete calendar of events covering city, state, and national bowling tournaments. She also assisted in the organization of many sanctioned leagues.

While serving on the board for the past 25 years, Doris has attended numerous meetings, hearings, workshops, and other bowling-related events. She has chaired and/or served on at least 15 association committees. Of these, she is noted for the initiation of the BVL Kickoff Tournament and the “Pass the Hat" campaign for the BVL event.

In 1975, Doris was appointed WDCAWBA Fifth Vice President and ultimately became its First VP.

She has bowled in many tournaments as a member of the Greater Washington Bowling Senate of The National Bowling Association. Her honors include the 1974 WDCAWBA President’s Award and the 1981 TNBA President’s Award.

For her unending and outstanding service and promotion of the game to the bowlers in this area, Doris Shepherd is rewarded with her induction into the WDCAWBA Hall of Fame.

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