Crystal J. Shaw-Wesby joined her first youth league in 1981 when she bowled in the Silver Hill Strikers league at Bowl America Silver Hill and averaged 88. Today, she is considered one of the best women bowlers in this area, averaging 200 or better for most of the past 20 years. She has tallied three 800 series, an untold number of 700 series, and has over 10 perfect games in USBC-certified competition. She also has been a “Top 10” area bowler, ranked No. 3 in the NCAUSBCA for the 2011-2012 season with an average of 216.7783 for 212 total games.

She rolled a 696 series while winning the Doubles category with Nichele McConnell in the NCAUSBCA 2015 Women’s Championship Tournament, an event in which Crystal has had great success:
** In 2009, she scored the first 800 series in the 64-year history of the tournament with her 807 at Bowl America Shirley on games of 263-289-255. Needless to say, Crystal won the Scratch Singles and also placed second in Singles. Following the tournament, she appeared on the cover of BOWL Magazine and was featured in the “My Stuff” segment.
** In 2012, she totaled a 736 series to win the Scratch Doubles with Nichele McConnell. Crystal added the Scratch All-Events crown with 2,122 — an average of 235.78 for nine games.
** In 2016, she rolled a 300 game in Singles and again won the Scratch Doubles with McConnell.

In other competition, she scored a 666 series and teamed with Kevin Lomax to win the NCAUSBCA 600-700 Scratch Mixed Doubles at Bowl America Fairfax in 2007. In the past two years at the TNBA Eastern Regional, Crystal had Scratch Doubles and Women’s Scratch Team championships. In the 2015 TNBA Nationals, she bowled on a Women’s Scratch Team winner.

She also earned titles in the following events: Maryland State USBC Women’s Championships — 2012 (Scratch All-Events, Scratch Team), 2013 and 2014 (Scratch Singles, Scratch Doubles, Scratch All-Events), 2015 (Scratch All-Events, Scratch Team), and 2016 (Scratch All-Events); 2012 Maryland State Open Championships (Doubles — first time event won by two women); 2014 Virginia State Women’s Tournament (Scratch All-Events, Scratch Singles, Scratch Team); Fredericksburg Women’s, Williamsburg Mixed, and UBA Battle Bowl.

Despite her demonstrated success on the lanes, Crystal believes her greatest achievement has been giving back to youths and adults of the bowling community with one-on-one coaching. Since 2007, she has helped well over 100 individuals as well as assisted some youth leagues and bowling camps. Her main focus has been to have girls and women receive the necessary information to succeed in the sport of bowling. She then gets to enjoy the success of those she has helped.

Crystal J. Shaw-Wesby, an outstanding bowler who by her actions clearly has not forgotten those getting started in our sport, is a most worthy addition to the NCAUSBCA Hall of Fame.

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