George B. Seeley, area tenpin bowling pioneer and past president of the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association, enters the Hall of Fame with a history of tenpin activity which spans a period of over 40 years.

An avid bowler since he rolled his first ball in Chicago, Ill., in 1926, Seeley has compiled an outstanding record of accomplishments as a bowler and an administrator.

Arriving in the Nation's Capital in 1942,he joined the small group of tenpin enthusiasts at the old Washington Convention Centerland. In 1945 he assisted in the formation of the area's first ABC sanctioned league at the Arcade Lanes on Georgia Avenue. With the activation of the Washington City Association, Seeley, a charter member, devoted his energies toward insuring the success of the infant organization.

In 1948 he was elected Association president. During his term of office he played a major role in the formation of the Virginia State Bowling Association.

As a past president he has continued to take an active part in association affairs. His advice and guidance, actively sought, are freely given. He has served as a league officer since his arrival on the local scene. A participant in 17 national ABC Tournaments, Seeley has made sure the Nation's Capital was represented at these major events.

His role as a promoter, his willingness to direct his energies toward the improvement and advancement of the game and his many contributions to tenpin organizations stand as an inspiration to all who follow his illustrious career.

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