JOHN RODOCK has never been considered one of the area's bowling stars, but he has consistently averaged in the 170's. He won the Association's Singles title in 1956 and the All-Events Championship in 1952. In competition he has consistently produced under pressure, and his teams are usually found ranking near the top of their leagues, having finished on top several times. He is always at the top in sportsmanship, being willing to help, whether teammate or opponent, and at the same time not forcing his advice on bowlers who are trying to work out their bowling problems themselves.

However, the most important part of his record has been in the areas of promotion of the game and his service to bowlers. He was co-manager of the Bethesda Forty Lanes tenpin operation in the late 1940's, and assisted some of the original leagues in getting off to a well-organized start. In 1949 this operation moved to Rossyln. While there, he organized more leagues and helped their new officers learn how to properly run them. These leagues were the ancestors of many of our present leagues. He promoted interest in participation in our City Tournament and conducted this area's first mixed team tournament, the forerunner of the Bowl Magazine Tournament. John organized booster teams for the ABC Tournament, giving average bowlers a chance to experience the ultimate in competition.

He, with Jack LaBonte, promoted the BVL at Rosslyn, achieving a still-unequalled record of 58 entries per lane in 1963.

Rosslyn became a victim of urban renewal in 1973, and John is now the manager at River Bowl, which is a thriving concern under him.

JOHN RODOCK has long been a worker and dedicated bowling promoter and is well deserving of recognition to the high honor of election to the Association's HALL OF FAME.

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