Billy Rapp was an outstanding team bowler, an outstanding sportsman, and an outstanding teacher of the game of tenpins. He has earned the honors bestowed upon him through election to the City Associationís Hall of Fame.

Billy was elected to the executive board of the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association in 1946 and served as a vice president of the organization for many years. His 30 years of bowling brought him many honors, one of which came in the 1948 American Bowling Congress Tournament at Detroit, where he rolled 244-232-219/695 in the singles event. He subsequently became a charter member of the Nationís Capitol "700" Club.

Billy didnít spend all of his time throwing bowling balls at pins; he gave much of his time to teaching the game of tenpins to others, particularly junior bowlers. Many of todayís bowlers in the Washington area first learned the fundamentals of the game from Billy Rapp.

It is unfortunate that Billy wonít be here to personally accept his entry into the Hall of Fame. While he may not be here, Billyís name in the Hall of Fame assures he wonít be forgotten.

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