Lisa Rand didn’t realize that when her mother entered her in a bowling league at age 1 1 to get her out of the house, she was embarking on a career as one of the best woman tenpin bowlers in the Washing- ton, D.C. metropolitan area.

At age 18, Rand participated in a Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour event in Fairhaven, Mass., and admitted being scared when she found herself head-to-head with. Aleta Sill. Rand lost the contest but gained confidence and looked forward to more LPBT competition. However, her pro career ended when her sponsors realized the cost and potential return was not going to be the road to riches.

Rand then became a member of the Women’s All-Star Bowling Association and was named WASA Rookie of the Year in 1985. Her proudest moment came five years later when she emerged victorious in the WASA AMF Post Tournament in White Plains, N.Y.

Rand has consistently scored grand slams in her leagues by winning the high average, high series, and high game awards. During the 1987-88 season, she became the first Washington, D.C. Area Women’s Bowling Association member to composite a 200 average—200.004 for 251 games.

Among her other accomplishments:

For outstanding achievement on the lanes, the WDCAWBA Hall of Fame extends a hearty welcome to Lisa Rand.

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