Chester 0. Ness started his bowling activities in Brocton, Mass. in the year 1930. The sport was a natural for him and he soon held top honors with a 190 average and sporting a high game of 289 with a 691 series.

Chet moved to the Washington area in 1941 but like a lot of other bowlers he could find no place to warm up his old two finger ball. In 1947 when the Alexandria Tenpin Lanes opened, Chet and his wife Mildred were among the first up the stairs where he placed his name on the rolls of the Central Valet team and proved himself a good bowler and superior in sportsmanship. His team never won a league championship but always finished in 2nd or 3rd place for the next 8 years.

Chet served on the Association board and was elected to Association President in 1955 and held the post for two years. At the same time he served as Virginia State Vice President 1955-1958 and then was elected to the Presidency in 1958.

Since going out of office Chet has never ceased being of help to the Association - always willing to carry out any assignment and always doing a good job.

Chet's bowling activities are limited now to one night a week, but he is always in back of his wife's team to boost them on the win. His unfailing kindness, his delightful humor, and his keen sense of justice marks Chester 0. Ness as one of the Nation's Capitol area's finest bowler.

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