Jimmy Moore has been bowling tenpins since 1951. Shortly after entering the game he was elected to the Association Executive Board of Directors where he served the bowlers for eight years and was elevated to the position of Association President in 1962.

During his term of office with the association he also served as a league President of five different leagues. Each year guiding their schedule to a successful season.

Jimmy Moore was instrumental in assisting in the organization of the Washington D.C. Mixed league, the Lucky Strike Classic and the Vir-Mar Traveling league. In addition he has achieved a degree of success as a bowler by maintaining a high average for two years in the D.C. Mixed league and one year carrying a high average in the Greater Washington Major League. He has a high series of 713 and has won the gold pin award for a 279 game three times.

Jimmy Moore is an avid tournament bowler and has bowled in 12 of the American Bowling Congress tournaments. He assisted in preplanning the annual Bowlers Victory Legion Tournament that made the event an outstanding success in the Nation's Capitol area.

On the social side of bowling Jimmy has been one of the organizers and promoters of the Annual New Years Eve dance for bowlers and has generally served the best interests of bowlers and bowling in the entire section.

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