Paul Mohn's first association with the sport of bowling came while a student at Kansas State University in 1947. In 1957 he moved to the Washington area and compiled a record of service that has marked him as one of bowling's outstanding administrators.

In 1958 he was elected to the board of directors of the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association and served as a director until he was elected a vice president in 1962. He served in that capacity until 1965 when he was elected president. The following year he was re-elected for a second term.

During his two terms in office he was instrumental in the establishment of a number of new programs aimed at providing service to the members of the association. Included were the ranking of bowlers, a committee system designed to insure efficient operation of the many programs, the establishment of BOWL Magazine, a study to determine methods of improving service to the bowler and the expansion of the awards program.

In 1966 he served as chairman and master of ceremonies of the ABC President's Inaugural Banquet, the largest ever held in the history of the American Bowling Congress.

Prior to his election to the board of directors he had served as secretary of nine leagues which he organized and he established the area's first traveling league. He has participated in ten national ABC tournaments and has served as a delegate to the national convention on six different occasions.

He has served as chairman and director of numerous tournaments including the 1968 Virginia State AJBC and local AJBC championships. He is a graduate of the AJBC instructors' school and has devoted many hours to local AJBC activities.

Among his many activities to promote bowling were his participation in a television show, two radio shows and as a writer for newspapers and magazines.

Since completing his service as an officer of the local association he has continued to work with the local AJBC to help develop a strong workable organization. In 1968 he was elected a director of the American Bowling Congress and still serves in that capacity.

Paul Mohn's devotion to the sport of bowling and the countless hours of dedicated service has marked him as one of the area's most outstanding members of the Hall of Fame.

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