JOSEPH V. MISELI does not need an introduction to the bowlers of the Washington, D.C. area. Known as "Big Joe," he has for the past 25 years represented the bowlers and tried to push forward the game of tenpins in the area and the Virginia State.

Joe has been an active member of the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association for many years and in 1961 was elected president; his able leadership resulted in over 8,000 teams. Due to his outstanding ability, Joe was elected president of the Virginia State Bowling Association and later was elected president of the Southeastern Bowling Conference.

Joe is an avid bowler and has sponsored many teams in league and tournament bowling. He has attended 23 of the last 25 ABC Tournaments and has represented the association at National Convention 18 times.

Joe is a qualified bowling instructor and has carried a composite average of 185 for the past 20 years. His greatest interest is in creating and developing new bowlers. He is an enthusiastic promoter of the junior bowling program and endorsed the AJBC in every bowling establishment he has been associated with. "Big Joe" was the chairman of the annual BVL tournament several times while a member of the association Board.

Joe started his bowling lane manager career at Tenpins Incorporated in Alexandria. Later, he became manager of the 80-lane Pentagon City complex and then moved to the Tenpin Coliseum. Because his interest was in promoting the game, he joined with others and formed the Colony Bowling Corporation and installed centers in Woodbridge, Pocomoke, Annapolis, and other cities. The strain of travel to keep up with the progress of the centers forced him to sell out, and he since has devoted his time and efforts to his Dairy Queen business.

Joe long has been a worker and dedicated bowling promoter and is well deserving of recognition to the high honor of election to the association's HALL OF FAME.

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