Hollis F. McMullen has been a long-time member of our association and has distinguished himself as both a high-quality scratch bowler and a leader in our sport with his organization of events for the scratch bowler. He has bowled for more than 30 years and has been a member of the Professional Bowlers Association for over 10 years. He lists among his many bowling accomplishments numerous cashes in PBA events, including a fifth-place finish in the 2005 PBA Senior Manassas Open Tournament. Hollis continues to participate in multiple leagues and tournaments.

Several years ago, he saw a need for a competitive league to be conducted on tough lane conditions. He organized and successfully ran such a league at AMF Alexandria. Many of this area’s premier bowlers credit Hollis’s league with helping them understand how to play the more competitive conditions they encounter at out-of-town tournaments.

In 2003, Hollis returned PBA action to our area for the first time in over a decade by organizing and personally funding a PBA Senior Tour national event at Bowl America Manassas. In spite of the cost and the limited support he received from our local bowling community, he persevered and was able to support the senior professionals for five years.

Throughout the run of these tournaments, Hollis provided an opportunity for this area’s bowlers to see and participate with some of the icons of bowling. The pro-am portion of the 2007 tournament attracted over 250 area bowlers, giving them the opportunity to bowl on the same lanes with multiple PBA Hall of Fame members holding well over 200 PBA national titles. The enthusiasm and excitement that was demonstrated can only be a positive for the future of bowling in our area.

Hollis F. McMullen is truly one of the good guys in our association. His tireless—and financial—efforts to return professional bowling to the area and his desire to provide a challenging bowling experience for those who wish to take their games to higher levels make him a worthy addition to the NCAUSBCA Hall of Fame.

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