Ronald McGregor has been involved with the sport of bowling for nearly 30 years since moving to the Washington, D.C. area from New York City. He has been a league bowler every year since then and has held many league positions, including secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president. He also served as a youth instructor from 1987-89.

Twenty-five years ago, Ron started the Allstars bowling club with the purpose of getting lower-average bowlers to participate in tournaments. The group at one time numbered 75 members and is still together today competing in tournaments all across the country. The Allstars has entered at least 10 teams in the NCABA Championship Tournament for each of the last 10 years and has supported all NCABA-sponsored events.

Ron has held many leadership positions since joining the NCABA board in 1994, serving as president during the 2003-04 season. He also served as lane director at Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl for several years.

Ron is currently chairman of the yearbook committee, where he has facilitated the change in the production method to an all-electronic process that has reduced the overall cost without any loss in quality.

In 2003, Ron represented NCABA at a meeting held in Greendale, Wisconsin between American Bowling Congress officials and those of the 20 largest associations. The purpose of the meeting was to help ABC craft a merger document for presentation at the next convention. ABC incorporated the suggestions made by the “Top 20” team to craft a plan of merger that was approved at the 2004 convention. In addition, Ron has represented NCABA as an ABC delegate to the convention for nine years.

Last year, Ron helped facilitate the move of the NCABA and WDCAWBA offices to Largo, Maryland. He has helped maintain the computer systems for both offices for the last four years.

On the lanes, Ron was a three-time BOWL Magazine Tournament champion, winning the team event in 1989 and the team and men’s singles events in 1995. He also was the singles champion of the 2004 NCABA Championship Tournament. His high game is a 299, and he has rolled a 787 series among his numerous 700s.

Ronald McGregor’s continued commitment to NCABA and the sport of bowling has earned him a place in the Hall of Fame.

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