Austin "Butch" Luther Jr. came to the Washington, D.C. area in June of 1963 with a wealth of bowling knowledge and experience. This knowledge and experience was gained from the long-term association with bowling activities in the Troy, Ohio area. Mr. Luther served in various capacities as league officers, tournament directorm and co-director. He was quite active with the American Junior Bowling Congress programs in the Troy area. Largely through his efforts, the American Junior Bowling Congress members achieved one State Singles Champion, three District Singles Champions, one District Team Champion, and several teams that received national recognition.

After moving to the Washington, D.C. area, Butch became active as a member of the board of directors in the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association and participated in the Lane Directors Program. Even though it became necessary for him to resign as an active board member, he continually made himself available for service in the board's volunteer programs.

Mr. Luther's lifetime bowling accomplishments have earned him a respectable standing in the bowling community. Here are some of his accomplishments: high average of 201, eight 700 series, high series of 767, high game of 290, won the Miami County (Ohio) Singles Championship with a 767 series, won the Washington City Tenpin Bowling Association Singles Championship in 1965 with a 745 handicap total (700 series scratch).

In recent years, Mr. Luther has been active in bringing bowling to the "outer areas" of our association by building St. Charles Bowl in Waldorf, Md., and Lord Calvert Lanes in Huntingtown, Md. The construction of Lord Calvert Lanes was a tremendous personal gamble for an individual due to low population of this particular area. But even with odds against this endeavor, bowling still remains active there today.

During his years in the Washington, D.C. area, Butch gained the friendship and respect of area bowlers through his meritorious service and bowling achievement. He is a deserving addition to the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Hall of Fame.

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