Rick Ketchie has been involved with bowling for most of his life. He started bowling duckpins at the age of 5 and switched to tenpins eight years later. He bowled until 2002, achieving a high game of 279, a high series of 680, and top average of 175.

He began coaching youth bowling in 1968 and was a co-youth director for several years.

Rick was elected to the Vir-Mar District board of directors in 1968. He worked his way up the chairs, serving as president from 1989-1993. He served as the awards chairman for six years and was the City Tournament director for several years. He also served on all committees within the association. Rick represented the association on the industry relations committee, which included representatives from ABC, WIBC, YABA, and BPAA. He was also the regional tournament director for the YBC (now the Pepsi Tournament) for a number of years.

Rick served the local youth association until its merger with the adult associations and has been a youth director on the board since the merger. He also served as a youth representative on the local transition board leading to the merger.

Rick was elected to the position of secretary of the Virginia State YABA in 1989. He holds that position today and also still serves as the tournament director for the Virginia State Youth Tournament. He has been on the committee for the Virginia State Junior Gold program since its inception. He also implemented the Virginia State Youth 600 Club tournament program in 2000 and administered it until it was discontinued several years later. Rick has also been involved with the Virginia High School Tournament since it began. He has served on the Virginia Bowling Council since its creation and also has been a youth representative on the Virginia transition committee since it was created several years ago. Rick is a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting but began his career as a teacher. He has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold. Whatever you ask of him, he will do willingly.

For over 45 years, Rick Ketchie has demonstrated unselfish dedication while performing tirelessly especially on behalf of youth bowlers, and he has justifiably earned a place in the Nationís Capital Area USBC Association Hall of Fame.

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