Carolyn Jozwiak was appointed to the WDCAWBA board in 1990 as a director. She served in that position until 1997 when she was elected second vice president. She has served as a delegate to the WIBC National Convention and the Virginia State Convention for eight years.

As a director on the local board, Carolyn served on many committees. One of her major accomplish- ments was leading the WDCAWBA to the number one position in local BVL contributions on the national level. Carolyn gave her heart, soul, and time to the BVL, going to bowling centers each evening to collect for the disabled veterans. She also was one of the top fund-raisers in pledges. She was asked by Helene Phillips, BVL chairman, to serve as a representative on a nationwide task force to help establish guidelines for other local associations to help them raise funds. She has represented the local association at BVL seminars in Harrisburg, Pa., spreading the good word of what WDCAWBA has done in conjunction with NCABA and telling how other associations can be successful in raising funds for BVL. WDCAWBA continues to remain number one in the nation, largely due to Carolyn’s efforts.

She served as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee for three years, and through her guidance put together a profitable ways and means for the local association. Her efforts have helped the local association defray some of its operating costs. Carolyn worked tirelessly at the City Tournament, the Senior Tournament, and at just going to local centers throughout the year to deplete the stock and get ready for the next event.

As vice president, Carolyn is responsible for special projects as designated by the president and/or board of directors, the Senior Tournament, Women and Girls in Sports, and the Hall of Fame. She has continued to strive to make this last affair self-supporting, always looking for different ways to make it a special occasion while having to operate within the constraints of a budget. She has worked this committee and every committee she was involved in with enthusiasm, drive, and persistence. She gives 150 percent to any assignment she is given.

In addition to her local association involvement, Carolyn also served as secretary of the local 600 Club for six years and continues to serve it as a director. As club secretary, she was instrumental in the local club winning the National 600 Club Award for the most new members in a local association.

On the lanes, she has achieved a high game of 288, a high series of 705 (which gave her the Virginia State singles title in 2000), and a high average of 193.

Carolyn Jozwiak always puts the bowlers’ needs in the forefront of whatever she sets out to do and has dedicated herself unselfishly to WDCAWBA. She is a superb addition to its Hall of Fame.

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