Vince Jozwiak was elected to the NCABA board of directors in 1992, and from the beginning, he was a most active member. He led the way in converting the association’s computer operating system from Xenix to Microsoft Windows, securing new machines and software, then installing the necessary software and providing training to the office staff and any interested board member. He provided support for the system for years. Vince often would respond to a problem at the office after a long business trip and even late at night.

From the mid-1990s until 2002, Vince spent countless evening hours each summer “putting to bed” the NCABA/WDCAWBA Annual Average Book. Some nights, it was well after midnight before he left the association offices.

He was the driving force behind NCABA obtaining its own Web site——and he spent several months preparing for its official launch in 1997 and then served the first five years as its Webmaster.

In 1998, Vince was responsible for the reinstitution of the NCABA Top 10 Ranking, and he prepared the official ranking for several years while serving as chairman of the Ranking Committee.

The association attained the number one ranking for funds collected for the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) largely in part to Vince’s hard work and persuasive manner. In addition, he started the “Bowl-a-Thon” at the BVL Kickoff each year.

Vince fostered a good relationship with the WDCAWBA through his work on that organization’s computer system and his ability to get along with everyone.

On the lanes, he once finished 11th in the NCABA ranking, and he contributed a 777 series to lead his team to the 1994 BOWL Magazine Tournament title. His high game, series, and average in the NCABA were 290, 790, and 218, respectively (right-handed) and 289, 735, and 193 (left-handed).

Vince Jozwiak was an exemplary member of the association’s board, and he is a most worthy addition to the NCABA Hall of Fame.

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