Willie Jelks has been active in all aspects of bowling since he was introduced to the sport while in the Marine Corps. His enthusiasm for the game is non-stop.

Willie came to the Washington, D.C. area in 1971 from Buffalo, New York, where he obtained many titles and achievements. He carried a 200 average in the Courier-Express Traveling league after only five years of bowling in leagues. In 1969, he captured the BPAA title and represented western New York at the finals in Chicago.

When Willie relocated to Virginia in 1972, he immediately started bowling at Tenpin Coliseum and has competed in different area centers and leagues ever since.

A few of Willie’s accomplishments include:

Many people who know Willie will ask what adjustments they need to make to improve their games. He always takes the time to help anyone who asks for advice.

Willie Jelks’s achievements in the sport he loves has earned him a coveted spot in the NCABA Hall of Fame.

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