John "Jack" Horner started his bowling career in St. Louis in 1946 and became an instructor in the junior bowling program at the Nelson Burton Lanes located in the northwest area of St. Louis.

As public relations officer at the St. Louis Administration Center employing 14,000 people, Jack was elected as the employees' representative on the Efficiency Rating Board of Review from 1948 to 1951 on all efficiency rating appeals. He was also responsible for organizing 14 tenpin men's, women's, and mixed bowling leagues in six different bowling establishments from 1949 to 1951 for personnel assigned to the center.

Mr. Horner started bowling in the Nation's Capital area approximately 27 years ago and first participated in league competition at the Rosslyn Lanes. Over the years, Mr. Horner served in all league offices including two years as president of the Metropolitan Washington Bowling Proprietors' Association "AA" Traveling League with five years membership in the Single "A" and Double "AA" Traveling Leagues. Jack currently bowls in three leagues in the area, and has bowled in 14 city Association Tournaments, 14 ABC Tournaments, 10 SEBC Tournaments, 10 Virginia State Tournaments and has bowled in the Tournament of the Americas in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Horner was elected a director of the Washington City Ten Pin Bowling Association in 1969 and proceeded through the "chairs" to become president of the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association for the 1976-1977 season.

During his tenure as first vice president, Jack conducted all the necessary functions for the annual Hall of Fame ceremonies with distinction, which included the joint induction of our own Hall of Fame Members and having Paul O. Mohn serve as 10th vice president of the American Bowling Congress. As NCABA president, Mr. Horner established the dual suspension program in an effort to relieve some of the burden of the board and to give a more efficient response to the bowler. He acquired the association flags that are used for formal occasions. He established the practice of "alternating, permanent" meeting sites for board meetings. The Orientation Committee was established during his tenure as president. As immediate past president of the NCABA, Mr. Horner conducted all necessary all programming for the annual BVL Drive and tournament in 1977, creating one of the largest prize funds and available donations obtained in several years. He also established a formal procedure of evaluating vice presidents and directors based upon performance and attendance for proposed nomination for election at the annual NCABA Council of Delegates Meeting.

Throughout his activities with the association, his keen sense of leadership and his ability to get along with others has proved to be a decided asset in the successful completion of programs assigned to him under the NCABA constitution. For these and certainly many other reasons too numerous to list here, Jack Horner is a worthy addition to the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

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