Ron Holt, a native of Lothian, Md., began his bowling career in 1979. He had always liked indoor sports and one day found himself at nearby Riverdale Bowl. He immediately took a liking to the game, as was evidenced by his three weekly leagues and many late practice sessions at the 24 hour center.

Often practicing in the early morning hours, the lane conditions at Riverdale were very dry, and Ron soon noticed that the better bowlers there hooked the ball a lot, just like the pros on television.

Ron took pride in his ability to hook the ball, and soon became known locally as the guy who could out-hook almost anyone. He won a couple of tournaments and thought enough of his game to be convinced by a friend to try a PBA regional tournament in Connecticut. It was quite a learning experience.

Ron thought the Connecticut conditions were tough, and after watching two touring pros toss perfect games on adjacent lanes, he realized there was much to learn.

Ron's game-and his average-took a major step forward when he started throwing the ball straight at spares. He developed a more complete game, which allowed him to compete on all conditions.

The overall consistency in his game bred a quiet confidence that allowed him to care little about the size of his hook or his admirers-and there's been plenty to admire: Ron currently has five 800 series, 14 300 games, four 299s, one 298 (courtesy of an unforgettable pocket-hit 7-10 split!) and "too many" 700s to mention.

Among Roes tournament titles are the Bill Rhodman Classic, the Lebanon Classic Singles (his 814 series is still the record) and the NABI Singles (all in 1991), plus the 1990 Elite Doubles (in which he shot another 800 series), the 1989 NBA Eastern Region All Events and Scratch Doubles, the 1988 Price Classic Singles and several Open Tour and Summer Tour events conducted by Bowl America and Fair Lanes, respectively.

In team competition, Ron won the mixed competition of the 1991 Maryland Masters, the NBA Eastern Regional in 1990 and the Dayton (Ohio) Industrial in 1989, for which he collected $5,000. Also in 1989, he earned a Hoinke Classic ring for his perfect game in the team event.

Ron Holt's excellent bowling credentials make him a superb addition to the NCABA Hall of Fame.

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