Charlie began bowling in the 1939-40 season and has served as a league officer since 1941. In 1955, he became a member of the Lake County Illinois Bowling Association and was elected its president in 1965. Charlie moved to the Washington area in 1967, immediately became involved in bowling, and was elected to the NCABA board of directors in 1968.

In February of 1982, he was elected president of the NCABA for the 1982-83 season. In February of 1983, he was elected a life member by the Council of Delegates.

Charlie has served on almost every committee of the Association and was chairman of most. Of particular note were his contributions to revising the procedures of the Suspension Committee and the volume of paperwork preceding the hearings.

Charlie has always been willing to assist new bowlers, with information and tips to improve their game. He is constantly promoting bowling, the NCABA and the American Bowling Congress, and he always has been available to assist the officers and directors of our association.

He has supported BOWL Magazine by contributing pictures, articles, and promotional efforts aimed at making our magazine the finest in the country.

He has participated in 20 ABC Tournaments and has been a delegate to the national convention for 15 years.

He also supports the Vir-Mar-District of the Young American Bowling Alliance with great vigor and is always ready to assist in special projects.

Charlie is and has been a member of the Bowling Writers Association of America for years and is a charter member of the Southern Bowling Writers Association of America, and is currently serving as its secretary/treasurer.

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