Theodore Gruszkowski Jr. started out in bowling in 1953 as a pinboy at Bay View Lanes in Milwaukee, Wis. He has been a league bowler and frequently a league officer in numerous leagues since that time.

In 1989, Ted was elected president of the Guys ‘N Dolls league at Fair Lanes Dale City and served in that capacity for eight years, making the league his pet project. A partial list of his accomplishments with that league includes:

The Guys ‘N Dolls league became so popular that it expanded to include two summer leagues (56 teams, 280 bowlers), which also bowled at Dale City.

Following is a partial list of Ted’s various bowling-related memberships, positions, and board seats, past and present:

Many people hold membership in numerous organizations because it looks good on their business cards or resumé. Ted belongs to these organizations because he wants to make a difference. He attends the meetings, usually at his own expense. He volunteers to serve on committees when he feels he has the expertise to help. He works hard with each of these organizations, trying to expand the game/sport of bowling as we know it.

Ted’s biggest and perhaps most time-consuming project ever is serving as bowling writer for the Potomac News. He honestly believes that this publicity vehicle has the potential to help expand bowling by providing much-deserved recognition to the people currently participating in our sport. On any given weekend, Ted drives a couple of hundred miles to visit various centers and collect information for his column. When the column comes out each Sunday, he makes copies and mails or delivers them to any pro shop or bowling center that will display them.

For his long-term devotion to the promotion and overall advancement of bowling, Theodore Gruszkowski Jr. is a most worthy addition to the Nation’s Capital Area Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

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