Bill Glennie started his bowling career as assistant manager of the Gleneagles Recreation Center Detroit, Mich., in the late 1940s. He moved to the Washington area in 1950 and accepted a position with Woodward and Lothrop for the next nine years. During that time he married Jeanne Marie Pritchard. They have two sons and two daughters, all of whom supported him in the bowling game.

Bill's love for bowling inspired him to accept a management trainee position with Fair Lanes, Inc., in 1959. Because of his outstanding promotional ability, he held general manager positions at Fair Lanes Twinbrook, Wheaton Plaza (where he formed the area's largest senior citizen league in the mid 1960s), Springfield, Laurel, University, College Park and Capital Plaza. During these years, Bill also held positions as district manager and regional manager, and he frequently earned company awards.

Not content with normal bowling promotion, Bill, along with Paul Mohn and Tom Morrone, organized the Fair Lanes Summer Traveling league, which continued into a regular-season league. This same group later developed the Metropolitan Washington Bowling Proprietors Association high game and century awards and the MWBPA League Secretary Tournament.

Bill was elected to the MWBPA board of governors in 1962 and served as president from 1964 to 1968, when he was elected to the position of secretary treasurer. Representing the bowling proprietors of this area, Bill was a key figure in the original organizations planning committee of two important association programs: the Hall of Fame and the bowler ranking.

It is significant that Bill Glennie always served in positions where he could help the bowlers. His dedication to bowling promotion added a great deal to the growth of our sport, and his zeal to continue complete harmony with the proprietors and the men's and women's associations has earned him a deserved spot in the NCABA Hall of Fame.

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