Russell Dodge joined the NCABA board as a director in 1985. At the time, he also served the local YABA board and helped run the VIR-MAR-DISTRICT Invitational Tournament.

As an NCABA director, he served Bowl America Woodbridge (both the old and new centers) and Fort Belvoir, appearing at the appropriate house usually two or three times week to represent the association by presenting pins, plaques, various game and series rings, and watches. He chaired the Lane Directors Committee and also served on the following committees: Hall of Fame (twice), Yearbook, Tournament Site Selection, and YABA Council.

Russell contributed more than one man's share for the growth of the NCABA Championship Tournament. He took it upon himself to get all the paperwork ready at the singles and doubles center to make it easy for the bowlers to check-in. He also helped train other directors to learn the system that's still in use. At one tournament, he and fellow Hall of Famer Ron Dailey stayed overnight in a mobile home a few weekends because the center had mechanical problems and their workload wasnt ending until midnight.

He participated in 10 American Bowling Congress Tournaments, eight Virginia State Tournaments, and five Southeastern Tournaments. He also served as a delegate to each of the associated conventions.

Russell voluntarily helped Ron Dailey deliver copies of BOWL Magazine to all bowling centers in Northern Virginia. All the way to the end of his life, Russell always thought bowling, and he never complained.

Russell Dodge's efforts will long be remembered by those who were close to him in bowling activities and also by the hundreds of people who benefited in many ways from having known him. He is a worthy addition to the NCABA Hall of Fame.

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