Robert Disbennett came to us from Marion, Ohio, where he was born 58 years ago. Robert Disbermett has been active in the game of bowling for almost 40 years, being taught the very basics of bowling by Andy Veripoppa. At that time, he had a three-step approach and Andy converted him to the five-step approach that he still uses.

He moved to the Washington area in 1956 and compiled a record that has distinguished him as one of bowling's outstanding leaders. He presently resides in District Heights, Maryland, with his wife, Tootie, and son, Robbie. He was formerly employed with the Navy Engineer Department. He is currently associated with the Industrial Engineering Division of the General Services Administration.

In 1958, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Washington City Ten Pin Bowling Association and served as a Director until he was elected as vice President in 1963. He served in that capacity until 1967 when he was elected President of the Association. He was voted a "Life member" of our Association by the Council of Delegates in 1968. As a Director, Vice President, President and Past President, his devotion to the sport of bowling and countless hours of dedicated service has shown him to be a valuable asset to our Association for all these years.

Bob has served on all and chaired most of our committees and has continued to serve and contribute as a Past President. Prior to becoming a Past President, he worked long and tedious hours in conjunction with the Women's Association to establish the Workshop Committee and Lane Director's Program that has come to be one of our most important committees today. He established the organizational structure that we have today where the Vice Presidents have certain assigned committee responsibilities. He handled the tickets for the ABC President's Inaugural Ball. He organized trips for an ABC tour committee. He was the ABC delegate chairman in 1967. He took over for the President on many occasions to insure a smooth running and efficient organization.

Always in search of new ways to give more recognition to the bowler, the top 10 ranking system and committee was established during his tenure in office and he served on the committee several times after becoming Past President. Even today, he is still deeply involved in the betterment of bowling, in the game and the bowler. He is currently Secretary of a Parent-Child League and also coaches on Saturday mornings. He is also chairman of our local committee that heads the fund raising campaign for the National ABC Hall of Fame and Museum site. So when it is said that he gives of his time and himself, it is not hard to understand the meaning.

Few men have had such an impact in the game of ten pins in our Area, our Association and upon the activities and programs available to our bowlers. Robert Disbennett has distinguished himself as most worthy to be a member of the most elite group of the Hall of Fame.

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