Donny Carr was born and raised in this area and has been active in all aspects of bowling since 1966. His enthusiasm and motivation began by watching “Pro Bowlers Tour” every Saturday. Billy Hardwick was one of his favorites and inspired him to be a better bowler. As a youth, he was an AJBC member, and Mr. Warren Hughes, a coach and mentor, encouraged him every week to do better.

In 1970, Donny became a member of the American Bowling Congress when he joined a mixed league at Brunswick River Bowl in Bethesda, Md. That same year, he teamed with Richard Humes to win the Holiday Doubles Tournament. In 1971, Donny was the Maryland and Washington D.C., Inter-College Bowling Tournament Singles Champion.

A graduate of Montgomery College and the Berkely Educational Training Center who retired from the National Security Agency, Donny has been a youth coach for over 20 years and has bowled over 50 perfect games and numerous 700 and 800 series, with a high of 837 on games of 289-279-269 in 2006 at Rinaldi’s Riverdale Bowl. He currently is the pro shop operator at The Lanes Fort Meade and always is willing to assist bowlers on and off of the lanes to help improve their game and further their appreciation of the sport.

Donny, who has been ranked in the association’s “Top 10,” has supported several association events through the years. The veteran right-hander still competes, placing second in the Singles category and sixth in All Events in the 2012 NCAUSBCA Senior Tournament. Most recently, in the 2013 NCAUSBCA Mixed Scratch Doubles Tournament, he scored 784 and finished fourth with Sherry Spause. He also placed third in Singles.

Donny was a Professional Bowlers Association member from 1989 to 1993, when he took some time off due to an injury before rejoining the organization in 2001. He is among a most elite group of NCAUSBCA members who has won a PBA title, capturing the 2005 PBA South Region Alexandria Senior Open at nearby U.S. Bowling. In addition, he has qualified seven times for PBA match play competition, including at the 2009 PBA Fort Belvoir Senior Open, where he led all qualifiers with a 241 average.

Donny has many other outstanding accomplishments on the lanes, among them:

Donny Carr’s achievements and sportsmanship, combined with his unending support for the sport he loves, make him an excellent addition to the NCAUSBCA Hall of Fame.

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