Dolores "Dee” Carl served as secretary for one of the largest local associations in the WIBC for fifteen years—the longest tenure of any secretary in WDCAWBA history. While serving as secretary, the WDCAWBA was the recipient of two President's Awards for the most teams entered in the WIBC National Championship Tournament, the recipient of the WIBC Spotlight Award, and it was in the top five for local association membership.

Dee was responsible for the "Report to the Delegates" book, which is now given to all members who attend the open and annual meetings. She looked toward the future and helped to computerize the local association, and this has served the members well over the past few years. Under her leadership the city tournament has grown and been well received by the membership. Dee was directly responsible for seeing that the champions, in addition to receiving the emblems and chevrons from WIBC, received a championship pin. She also helped to expand the awards program of the WDCAWBA.

Dee served the members well and diligently for many years. She was an active participant on the state level, serving on any committee when asked. She attended the annual state meetings and workshops for sixteen years. (As secretary, Dee always felt it was her responsibility to attend these meetings to learn and bring back to her members information she had absorbed.) She attended sixteen WIBC national meetings and represented the Washington, D.C. Area and its members at these meetings. Dee attended all sessions of these meetings and always had a pleasant word to say to the delegates.

Dee was active in the junior program, serving as a coach for nine years and also serving as a member of the Virginia State YABA Scholarship Committee.

She was always held in high regard by the bowling proprietors and worked well with them over the years.

Consequently, it is felt that the memory of Dolores "Dee" Carl deserves this highest recognition for her outstanding services to local tenpin bowling. To be recognized along with other leaders and foresighted individuals who are members of the Washington D.C. Area Women's Bowling Association's Hall of Fame is a most fitting honor.

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