Dick Buttery, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, came to the Washington area in 1946 and has compiled a record that marks him as one of bowling's outstanding administrators, a far cry from his YMCA pinsetting days of "two bits" an hour in Lincoln when bowling was 10 cents a lane.

He was elected to the Association's Board of Directors in 1963, rose to a vice-presidency in 1967 and became the Association president in 1972.

Prior to his election to the board of directors, Dick Buttery served as official scorekeeper of the MERDC League, one of the oldest leagues in the area. He was a charter member and has bowled in it for 23 years. He was also the first president of the Virginia Masters League.

He has served three times as master-of-ceremonies at the Hall of Fame banquet. He was one of the originators of the Lane Director program in this area.

A mechanical engineer by trade he has designed emblems and patches for several leagues, for the Vir-Mar-District junior Bowling Association, for the Washington, D.C. Area Women's Bowling Association, and for the Nation's Capital Area Bowling Association.

Dick Buttery has preferred to work quietly behind the scenes rather than in the public spotlight, often denying himself the recognition he so richly deserves. He is usually the first to answer a call for help from a fellow-director or from a bowler, and unknown to many, he has devoted much time and effort to the promotion, growth, and development of the game of bowling.

His countless hours of dedicated service to bowling without any glory to himself has earned Richard L. Buttery his niche of immortality in the Bowling Hall of Fame.

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