Martha Burton became involved in the organizational aspects of tenpin bowling while bowling in the National Bowling Association. With the TNBA, Martha served as secretary and president of the Greater Washington Senate as well as National Junior Director, and is still actively involved with the association. She currently serves as chair of the National TNBA Hall of Fame and is the Eastern Representative of the National TNBA junior program.

She became a member of the WDCAWBA board of directors in 1951. After 12 years as a director, she was elected 3rd vice president for eight years and then served as elected president for eight years. During Martha's tenure as president, the WDCAWBA was ranked fifth for the 1979-80 national league count, which substantiated her effective leadership. Martha's untiring dedication still exists today as she currently holds the office of Director on the WDCAWBA board. ln addition, she is president of the Vir-Mar District YABA, a position she has held for seven years and she is Youth Director at Bowl America Glassmanor, where she is known by her juniors as "Mrs. Bee."

On the national level, Martha has attended and participated in more than 22 WIBC conventions and workshops. She served a one-year term on the WlBC Sergeant-at-Arms Committee and for two years she served as the Representative Director of Area One, National AJBC Board.

Martha is a member of the Virginia State Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame and has attended numerous VSWBA conventions, annual meetings, and workshops. She is also the Northern Director of the Virginia State Junior Association. Her other honors of recognition include:

Martha Burton's profound involvement and dedication in the administrative affairs of tenpin bowling have most definitely been a credit to the WDCAWBA. She is a most worthy addition to the WDCAWBA Hall of Fame.

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