There has never been a man that exemplified the words "devotion", "loyalty", and "hard work" like Vernon Burke. There has never been a man who loved the sport or our Association who has devoted more time and effort to the promotion, growth and developing the game of bowling than Vernon Burke. This man has exerted tremendous influence in the promotion of bowling activities and in strengthening the guidelines of our Association.

Vernon Burke was born on June 24,1920, in South Bend, Indiana, and enlisted in the Navy in 1942, which he retired from in 1972. He started his bowling career briefly in 1938 and after a short recess, started back again in 1951 and has been active ever since. He currently resides in Rockville, Md., with his wife, Jeanne. He was employed in the administrative phase of dental work in the Navy and after retirement became employed as an Administrative Manager with the Patterson Dental Company. His background in management is reflected in his contribution to the administration of the game of bowling and evidenced by his sound judgment in personnel and business management.

Vern joined our Association as a Director in 1963. He was transferred in 1968, which interrupted his tenure until 1970. Prior to his being transferred, in 1968, he was the recipient of the first President's Award... now known as the Past President's Award. As soon as he returned, he also returned to the Board and was elected Vice President in 1971 and President of our Association in 1975. Vern served on the Ranking and Workshop Committee and was chairman of the Awards Program prior to his leaving in 1968.

Since his return in 1970, bowling has been a way of life with Vern since he found the satisfaction of helping create a better and stronger Association. The executive committee cited Vern as doing an outstanding job with the workshops and Lane Directors' Program in 1972. Vern was Vice President in charge of the writing of the Policy and Procedure Manual and deeply involved in the guidelines set forth. He was Vice President in charge of the Virginia State Tournament in 1974 and has made many outstanding contributions to our City Tournament. He worked many hours as a Past President to insure the Board the most efficient and timely reports on BVL that are on record.

Vern was chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee in 1974 and the event itself was completely rewritten under his direction. Not only was the format changed to enhance and raise this event to new heights but he changed the entire voting procedure as well.

As a mark of respect and confidence this man commands, Vern has been chairman of the Orientation Committee for two years. The Orientation Committee is our way of teaching Policy and Procedures to all new directors. Vern was the first man to get this committee off the ground.

The years of devotion and countless hours of dedicated service have marked him as one of the area's most outstanding and valuable members.

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