W. Ray Brothers brought his enthusiasm for bowling to this area in 1961 from Punxsutawney, Pa. He retired from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Force in 1988, after serving for 27 Years. Ray shares his love of the game with his wife, Maxine; his daughters, Susie and Shari; and his son-in-law, Mike Ryan-all of whom are avid bowlers. Ray hopes his grandchildren Nick, Dave, and Melissa also will enjoy the sport.

Ray has promoted bowling since he began coaching juniors 20 years ago. Striving to achieve fairness for youth bowlers led him to actively serve on the Vir-Mar-District Junior Bowling Association Board of Directors for 15 years. He worked on city, state, and other local youth tournaments, while chairing numerous committees. He was Vice President for eight years and President from 1985 to 1989.

As President, he started a viable Junior Leaders program and appointed officers from that program to serve on the Board. This gave youths a voice in how new programs were introduced and administered. He also was instrumental in changing the bylaws to limit an officer's tenure to two terms.

Ray was selected as a coach for the Washington, D.C. area bowling team that competed in the U.S. Youth Games. His organizational abilities led to his selection as National Coordinator of Bowling for the Games both times they were held locally.

In addition, junior bowlers always looked forward to the Moonlight Tournament that Ray conducted during the Christmas holidays for 16 consecutive years.

In 1981 Ray was elected to the NCABA Board of Directors and was elevated just two years later to Fifth Vice President. During the 1988-1989 season, while serving his second term as Vir-Mar-District JBA President, Ray was elected NCABA President, during which time he reestablished the practice of holding monthly Association meetings in bowling centers instead of at the NCABA Office to acquaint bowlers with their Board members. He also began the practice of bringing charges against league secretaries who failed to submit final averages.

Ray has been a faithful worker at every Association Championship Tournament since his election to the Board. He also has been an active member of the Industry Relations Committee, constantly striving to improve proprietor/association communications to ultimately benefit the bowler.

An ABC Convention delegate for the past 10 years, Ray is a graduate of the Local Association Officer's Training Conference held in Greendale, Wis., and also is a Certified Lane Inspector. In May 1991, he was elected Northern Director of the Virginia State Bowling Association.

Currently serving as NCABA Assistant Secretary, Ray has streamlined administrative procedures as well as the internal arrangement of the office. His expertise in office management has resulted in the timely return of sanction cards to league secretaries. Meanwhile, he is always available to help with a rule interpretation or just have a friendly chat.

Ray's positive attitude about life, as well as bowling, has been an inspiration to his family and friends. A true ambassador for the game of bowling, W. Ray Brothers adds prestige and honor to those already enshrined in the NCABA Hall of Fame.

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