Tickets still available for NCAUSBCA's December Fund-raiser

December 2, 2022 — Tickets still are available for NCAUSBCA’s December 2022 Fund-raiser that helps defray the cost of programs that can benefit all members.

Available numbers to select are here.

As the association recovers financially from the pandemic, it is hoped that more members and friends will support this latest venture, whereby NCAUSBCA will offer each day in December an opportunity for individuals to cash through numbers selected in the daily Virginia Lottery “Pick 3” game. In fact, every $10 raffle ticket has three chances to win daily — the actual number drawn plus one number up and one down, for every drawing that occurs after ticket purchases are made through December 31 — with a minimum winning amount of $15, which in itself is a profit of 50 percent.

Electronic payment for tickets is available via PayPal or Zelle® using the eMail address of Fund-raiser Chair Brenda McDowell: Cash payments only can be made at the NCAUSBCA office (9315 Largo Drive West, Suite 110 in Largo, Md.).

Payouts will be made no later than January 15, 2023.

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