A pair of 3s at Dranesville

Bowl America Dranesville in Sterling, Virginia was home to some great bowling on the night of Oct. 16, 2007.

Larry Noyes and Jim Burt bowl on the "Buddy's Buddies" team on the Tuesday Night Mixers League. After the team lost its first game, Larry started off the second by striking in the first nine frames. As always happens when a perfect game is afoot, word got out that Larry had started out perfect and would be going for his first 300 game.

When Larry stepped up in the tenth to try to finish off his perfect game, the crowd included bowlers from the Boy's Night Out league that bowls along side the Tuesday Night Mixers. As any bowler who has ever had the opportunity to get up in the tenth frame with a chance at perfection knows, it can be hard just to get your feet started toward the line hoping you can just throw the same kind of shots that got you that far. Needless to say, Larry managed to pound three great shots into the pocket to finish off his first 300 game. The place erupted with handshakes and even a tear or two to congratulate Larry on his great game.

The game, however, was not yet over. As Larry had been throwing strike after strike, teammate Jim Burt was matching him strike for strike. After going through all the emotion of seeing Larry finish his first 300, Jim had to step up to try to complete his eighth league certified 300 game. Everyone quieted down for Jim, who like Larry before him threw three great shots to finish off his own 300 game.

The crowd once again erupted with joy and congratulations for the two teammates who reached perfection in the same game.

Oh yes, they did manage to win that game!

Linda Noyes