A few extra questions for Zo Isaac

Zo Isaac, who set an NCAUSBCA record with his 898 series this summer at AMF Capital Plaza, is the subject of the "20 Questions" feature in the September/October 2010 issue of BOWL Magazine. Below are some additional questions he answered.

How do you rate yourself as a spare shooter?
I give myself a 9.

Which spares combination do you not want to see in the 10th frame?
The bucket. I sometimes find a way to miss it.

What professional bowler do you most enjoy watching on television?
Pete Weber because he’s so animated—his energy.

Were bowlers surprised when they learned it was you who set the association series record?
That’s been the reaction: Zo? Zo did it? The night that I shot it, someone got a phone call and called me, and it was like, “Is it true that you just shot 898?” I was like, “Yeah,” and he said, “I got to check.” And I was like, “You talkin’ about the same ‘Zo’ we’re talkin’ about?” So yeah, there was surprise!

What did you do to celebrate the series?
We went out, went to the bar and had a good time. I survived it!